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Meet the chef: David Bulman from Seasons

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Seasons chef David Bulman
When creating a menu for Seasons, a modern American restaurant located in the charming Pittsburgh neighborhood of Etna just east of Downtown, Chef David Bulman takes inspiration from Southwestern Pennsylvania.

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Photo: David Bulman
Freshly milled wheat flatbread, cultured butter, JQ Dickinson sea salt
"Our menu is always inspired by the time and place," says Bulman, who has created an eight-course meal for his Taste 30 menu, which he says was inspired by the region in late winter/early spring.

Seasons' website includes an impressive list of local farmers and purveyors from which the restaurant gets its ingredients, noting that they "strive to find the best seasonal ingredients and serve them at the peak of flavor."

For $39 per person, diners can treat themselves to a wide range of dishes, including squash ribbons, cured duck eggs, goat cheesecake, and preserved wild ramps. Bulman's favorite item on the tasting menu? The housemade flatbread, served for the first course with cultured butter and local salt. The main course for the meal offers a choice between milk-poached chicken and a white bean tempeh.

Check out Pittsburgh City Paper's Q&A with Bulman below, then head to his Instagram page for more beautiful food porn before making your reservation.

What was the first thing you ever learned how to cook?
The first thing I truly learned to cook was a potato and dill soup. I had made many things, but this was the first thing that I truly understood each step of the process and was able to translate this into something delicious.

How long have you been a chef?
I do not think I've reached chef status yet. To me, a chef is someone on the level of Thomas Keller [once named the "Best Chef in America"] who's worked 20-plus years or so and earned that title.

Where were you trained?
School of Hard Knocks > Le Cordon Bleu > Bona Terra > The French Laundry > self

Who was your teacher in the School of Hard Knocks?
My teacher was life. [Laughs]

What's your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Nerds Rope

What food trend do you wish would come to Pittsburgh?
The trend of eating out seven nights a week. [Laughs]

What drink would you suggest diners pair with the meal?
Natural wine or house wine pairings

How do you want diners to feel after eating your meal?
I would like diners to be more connected to nature, to food as a whole, and to our region. Present in the moment. Lastly, we like our diner to feel a sense of elation that they didn't just eat a meal, but that they grew as a person.

Have anything you want to boast about?
Yes, I found morel mushrooms last year.

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