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This Just In: Strange endorsements and hiding in plain sight

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Where’s Randyland again?

Just when you thought you were safe from rote listicles, Pittsburgh Beautiful is now popping up annoyingly in Facebook feeds to bring you “The beauty that is Pittsburgh in Pictures.”

“Though I’m not a native Pittsburgher,” waxes owner and founder Chris Klein, “my roots are ... my grandmother was born in Castle Shannon in the early 1900s ... and it’s only fitting I completed the circle in 1993. Pittsburgh in the early 20th century, while booming and bustling, was a dirty place. Not so today! I’ve tried to capture the beauty in many ways ... thanks for stopping by.” 

Pittsburgh Beautiful also features, of course, hackneyed listicles like “7 Hidden Gems You’ve Probably Missed in Pittsburgh.” Which include Randyland, which I’m sure none of you knows about. Because it’s so … hidden.

You belong Toomey

After an implicit endorsement of Donald Trump in September via a photograph tweeted by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette publisher/editor-in-chief John Robinson Block posing with Mr. “Grab ’em by the pussy” himself, the editorial board not surprisingly endorsed U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey. “The Republican incumbent deserves another term,” the Nov. 4 endorsement read. 

The P-G asserted that Toomey is “a moderate Republican who has demonstrated a willingness to reach across the aisle.” He’s also more than willing to reach into my vagina with a whole lot of restrictive legislation, but it left that part out, along with his anti-gay voting record. Also omitted was his campaign capstone, which would cut off funding to “sanctuary cities” (including Philadelphia). 

And, after all, wrote the P-G, “Mr. Toomey is neither inflexible nor a party zealot. That is to say, he is no Rick Santorum.” Now that’s a vote of confidence.

Further, the P-G wrote noted his Democratic opponent Katie McGinty’s criticism of Toomey, for duping voters during the campaign by failing to say whether he’d vote for Trump: “However, Mr. Toomey disavowed some of Mr. Trump’s rhetoric and did not endorse him. Enough said.” Which is obviously why Toomey voted for the madman and let the world know about it just an hour before the polls closed.

Oh, #fuhgeddaboutit!

After the Post-Gazette’s triumphant endorsement of Toomey, and the subsequent election of Trump, it wants us to make nice at the Thanksgiving table. In its Nov. 24 editorial, “Oh, let’s agree to eat: At the Thanksgiving table, helpings of healing,” the board writes:

“Apart from advice to be nice to the anti-Trump zealots, our general counsel this Thanksgiving would be, first, to see whether Mr. Trump can successfully divide the wheat in his platform from the chaff, which he already seems to some degree to be edging away from. In other words, if given lemons, try to make lemonade.” 

The editorial wraps with, “So have a happy Thanksgiving today, tell the people in North Dakota to be as nice to the Native Americans as the Pilgrims were in 1621, warm yourselves by the fire of love at its best — that among family and new and old friends — and be thankful together for your blessings.”

I have just one question: Is the editorial board stoned?

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Channel 11 News!

In its “Proud to be from Pittsburgh” segment, WPXI television reported that the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium became the seventh in the world to receive certification from the American Humane Association’s Humane Conservation program. Mayor Bill Peduto was on hand for the announcement, shown here photographed with the zoo’s CEO Barbara Baker and a bearcat. 

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Hands off Rafah protest in East Liberty

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