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City Girls Who Walk celebrates a year of exploring the ’Burgh

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Photo courtesy of City Girls Who Walk
CGWW members (left to right) Megan Rula, Allison Perciavalle, and Lacey Cardillo
Already a New York City sensation, City Girls Who Walk (CGWW) opened an official chapter in Pittsburgh last year, and the group is celebrating one year in the Steel City this May.

In 2022, fitness entrepreneur Brianna Joye Kohn posted a TikTok video asking if any women wanted to walk in Central Park. When 250 women arrived ready to walk, City Girls Who Walk formed.

After witnessing this New York City-based walking group bloom on social media, CGWW Pittsburgh founder Fallon DeRiggi recognized the need for a social walking club for women in Pittsburgh. DeRiggi received permission from CGWW to start a new chapter, and City Girls Who Walk Pittsburgh began officially in May 2023.

“It’s a group of women who may have different backgrounds and occupations, but we find a time once or twice a week to get together and just walk. It’s something that we can do for mental health, stress relief, or physical activity,” DeRiggi says. “No matter your reason for walking, you leave feeling awesome.”

This group holds walking events once or twice a week, with 25 to 80 women participating depending on the day and weather. Each walk is approximately 2.5 miles long and lasts around 45 minutes. Everyone walks at their own pace, and the group encourages pets and strollers to join. The CGWW Pittsburgh leadership team maps the walk route beforehand to respect members’ time and schedules.

All types of women are welcome in this walking group including non-binary, transwomen and cisgender individuals. DeRiggi explained, “Anyone who wants to get out of the house or is looking to connect with like-minded females should join us. It’s the one thing that women can have that’s ours.”

Maintaining a solid group of friends can be challenging in adulthood. Whether someone is new to the area or looking for a way to connect with others, City Girls Who Walk welcomes them.

“I needed a stable group of girls that I could rely on,” CGWW Pittsburgh member and leader Tira Clark says. “When I found CGWW on social media, my friends had moved out of state. I really enjoy this group, and that’s what it is for me — a stable group of friends.”

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Photo courtesy of City Girls Who Walk
CGWW Pittsburgh during a winter walk
In the first six months, DeRiggi ran the Pittsburgh chapter by herself with the help of a few friends to organize activities, manage social media accounts, and lead every weekly walk. As the group continued to expand, with new members joining every week, DeRiggi knew she needed a team. After posting a request for help on social media, 11 women stepped up to help run the Pittsburgh chapter.

The City Girls have packed their schedule with activities as the weather warms up in Western Pennsylvania. Partnering with local organizations, CGWW Pittsburgh offers monthly events such as a yoga session at the Om Lounge after a walk through the Strip District. The group celebrated Easter with an organized egg hunt throughout the city, followed by brunch at Wigle Whiskey. Each month brings new activities to encourage physical fitness, fun, and fellowship.

In addition to connecting with new friends over a brisk walk, City Girls Who Walk strives to impact the community positively. On May 18, the City Girls will walk for a cure at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides fundraiser. CGWW Pittsburgh will also partner with Allegheny CleanWays and Friends of the Riverfront for a volunteer clean-up around the city this Earth Day.

Those interested in City Girls Who Walk can learn more about upcoming walks and other events on Instagram. The City Girls remain connected through the Heylo app. CGWW Pittsburgh merch is also now available. There’s never a cost to walk, but some buy their fellow walkers a coffee or purchase items along the way.

DeRiggi shared that the most frequently asked question about CGWW Pittsburgh is, “Can I come alone?” She says most girls arrive by themselves, but no one walks alone with the City Girls. The leadership team scatters throughout the spread-out group to chat and include all walkers.

“You will not be walking alone; I assure you of that,” DeRiggi said.

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