Pittsburgh City Paper’s 2022 Best of Pittsburgh Readers’ Poll

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Pittsburgh City Paper’s 2022 Best of Pittsburgh Readers’ Poll

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CP Illustration: Lucy Chen

Getting spotted on the street by this year’s Best Lifestyle Influencer has become a badge of honor in the Steel City. With an Instagram feed documenting the region’s most interesting people and streetwear, he’s helping prove the city deserves its little spot in the galaxy. And that’s just one of the hundreds of out-of-this-world Best of Pittsburgh winners in this year’s poll, which highlights your favorite people, places, restaurants, bars, shops, and more.

From the hundreds of thousands of nominees you initially submitted to the winners in this issue, everyone in this year’s space-themed Best of Pittsburgh was decided by you. It’s the one issue a year we give all control over to our readers, and our staff is always just as excited as you are to see who ends up on top.

Sure, there are also lots of repeats. Pittsburghers know what they like. (Seriously, is anyone ever going to beat photographer Dave DiCello?) But within this issue, you’ll also discover plenty more folks who help make Pittsburgh a little less dreary. Inspiring businesses like this year’s winner for Best Nonprofit, which works to feed people in need. The winner for Best Yoga Studio, who is making the industry more inclusive to all body types. The Best Black-owned Salon, whose owner helps build her clients’ confidence. And don’t worry — we’ve included silly categories to keep you entertained, too. Like the Best Person to Represent Pittsburgh to Aliens. (OK, confession: We don’t always agree with the winners, but this guy? He’s one of our all-time favorites, too.)

— Lisa Cunningham, editor in chief