Best Comedy Troupe: JoeMyGosh and Jaxa Froot

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Best Comedy Troupe: JoeMyGosh and Jaxa Froot

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CP Photo: Rayni Shiring
JoeMyGosh and Jaxa Froot

JoeMyGosh of the sketch comedy duo JoeMyGosh and Jaxa Froot says they will perform anywhere that has them. That extends outside of Pittsburgh, where they have done shows in Boston and San Francisco, and in Columbus, Ohio.

The pair say that since they started doing sketch comedy three years ago, they’ve performed in clubs, bars and restaurants, theaters, and other venues, as well as doing private gigs. Many past shows have taken place at Blue Moon, a popular LGBTQ bar in Lawrenceville.

Their combination of raucous humor and drag has earned the best friends the title of Best Comedy Troupe in this year’s Best of Pittsburgh readers’ poll.

“The biggest thing for us is to just make people laugh,” JoeMyGosh tells Pittsburgh City Paper in a phone interview. “And honestly, it's such an honor for us to be nominated at all. And then for us to have won is just really, really cool because being able to make Pittsburgh laugh has been like our goal the entire time that we started doing sketch comedy, and to be here in this moment, it just feels like very surreal and very, like, honoring, you know?”

The win caps a journey that started in West Virginia when the two met in high school and began performing theater together. They relocated to Pittsburgh, where they continued to perform.

“[JoeMyGosh] had been doing drag for a couple years, I think, at that point,” says Jaxa Froot, “and they needed help with one of their numbers. And after just performing together doing a drag event, we decided to try to get into comedy and start writing stuff together.”

They perform as different characters, including playing the directors of a Pokémon cruise line, sex phone line operators, and more. Many sketches were filmed and can be found on their YouTube channel.

They have another Pittsburgh show in December at Mr. Smalls Theatre, where they will join Steel Kitty Productions for a “femmes and thems” show featuring lesbian, femme, and nonbinary performers.

In terms of their style, JoeMyGosh puts it simply, saying, “I think people can expect a really stupid time.”

JoeMyGosh and Jaxa Froot.