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The Rocker

Not very funny comedy about a aging metal-head and his teen-age band

What do you get when you mix The Office's Dwight Shrute with an adorable, floppy-haired alterna-teen band? Answer: A comedy from Paul Cattaneo that isn't nasty enough for adults or bubbly enough for the young'uns. A thirtysomething peevish slacker (Rainn Wilson), who once played in a '80s hair-metal band, hooks up with his young nephew and his pals to form a new band. They hit the road ... where surprisingly few adventures and mishaps await. Also in short supply: laughs. The jokes feel like outtakes from Spinal Tap and any recent teen movie of your choice. Furthermore, Wilson never makes us care about his sad-sack of a character, Robert "Fish" Fishman, who is barely sketched out beyond infantile, irritating and not half as funny as he thinks he is. (AH)

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