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Film Kitchen

The screening series spotlights the work of singular local filmmaker Brian Dean Richmond, as well as others


Over three decades, the 2010 Pittsburgh Center for the Arts artist of the year has created dozens of emotionally rich and visually potent short films, visionary works full of unexpected angles and hand-held camera movements, overlapping images and more, all in the increasingly rare 16 mm format. Richmond also has a penchant for soundtracks that are either performed or recorded live, or taken from found sources (like home video or a radio talk show). The five films screening April 10 include: "Irma," a tribute to a local artist "shot on consecutive leap days in 1988 and 1992"; "Falls," featuring telephone poles, with percussion by local musician Sam Pace; "The Return of Chiron," a film evoked by the idea of a large meteor; the lovely "Final Friend"; and "Himselves," featuring an old funeral-home organ. Also screening at Film Kitchen are Luke Ohlson's "Incline," an experimental work blending imagery of a ballerina and cityscapes with a soundtrack of appropriated music and spoken word; and Jeremy Fleishman's "Arrythmia," with people and puppets acting out a dreamlike narrative about a literal thief of hearts.

Flamingo Fest at the National Aviary
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Flamingo Fest at the National Aviary

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