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Awesome Pittsburgh TikTok accounts you should be following

A well-curated social media feed can provide a great escape, and who doesn’t need that right now? With a variety of entertainment, education, and inspiration, you can chase the dopamine to your heart’s content on TikTok, which offers a little bit of it all – one three-minute video at a time. The rabbit holes are endless, and we love that.

If Pittsburgh itself is one of your niche interests – whether you love consuming content about it, or simply supporting creative people in town ­– here are 10 Pittsburgh TikTok creators killing it on the platform.

@pittsburghhills #onthisday #poool #northpark #pittsburgh #summer #history ♬ original sound - PITTSBURGHHILLS

@PittsburghHills has been repping Pittsburgh with all its quirks and fascinating facts long before TikTok was a twinkle in the eye of its developer. Whether you’re wondering what it feels like to drive up one of the steepest hills in the Burgh (Rialto Street), want to meet local entrepreneurs doing great things for the community or discover a neighborhood joint with fabulous food, this creator shares details about our city that even this former tour guide didn’t know.

@homegrown_handgathered How we make homegrown hummus! 🙂 #growyourownfood #gardeningtips #urbanhomestead #offgridliving #gardenharvest ♬ Wasted On You - Andy Shauf

@homegrown_handgathered teaches all about urban foraging and gardening with a local focus. From tips on how to use weeds like stinging nettle to make delicious lattes to how to grow mushrooms in your backyard, this Pittsburgh couple generously shares their knowledge, including valuable lessons from their mistakes. Last winter they mostly ate only what they harvested and shared with followers how they preserved and used corn, chickpeas, amaranth, cherries, potatoes and more. Did I mention they have beehives?

@pittsburgh_dog_mom Dog lover and mom to Dexter, Brewzer, and Sebastian, makes videos that are silly, educational, and even sometimes emotional. She is genuine in her adoration of all dogs, and it shines through. Quick to offer support to other dog lovers on everything from dog park protocols to knowing when it’s time to get your senior dog a younger companion, she also offers advice on issues owners face like preventing your animal from getting an obstruction. And of course, there is plenty of content of her dogs just being dogs – getting the zoomies and showing up in the kitchen unannounced.

@bumpinthenightsociety #haunted places you can visit in Western #pennsylvania #bumpinthenightsociety #ghosttok #paranromal #ghoststories ♬ Dramatic

@bumpinthenightsociety is hosted by a team of paranormal investigators based in the Burgh, so if you’re a fan of all things spooky, this is the account for you. Learn about famous haunted places, hear cemetery ghost tales, and find out how to determine when spirits are actually present. You’ll find a lot of content on Appalachia, including tips on traveling safely through the area without encountering angry spirits, plus juicy folklore, and history about oddities like the famous blue people. Sprinkled throughout are funny skits, bloopers, and meeting followers in the wild.

@soberblackmama speaks to Black women who are parents navigating addiction and mental health issues. With a level of vulnerability not common on social media, she discusses her journey with raw emotion, often in real time. Not shying away from issues like racism, relapse, and homelessness, her dedication to transforming the hand she was dealt empowers others to realize they are not alone in their own struggles. She brings levity to heavy issues by regularly infusing the humor she shares on stage as a stand-up comedian.

@stufftodoinpgh Happy 4️⃣1️⃣2️⃣ Day from us & @oxproductions 🎥✨🏈🥟 from the bridges🌉 to the Point⛲️ to the fries on our sammies🍟 We💛the 412! What’s your favorite thing about Pittsburgh? Let us know in the comments!👇 . . . #stufftodoinpittsburgh #412 #412day #downtownpittsburgh #pittsburghlove #pgh #burgh #cityofbridges #pghcreative #pghlocal #burghproud #Steelers #piratesbaseball ♬ original sound - Stuff To Do In Pittsburgh

@stufftodoinpgh makes it clear that if you’re bored in Pittsburgh, it’s your own fault. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a salon to pamper yourself, a fun place to take the kids, or a night out for grown-ups, they cover it all. They also do detailed videos on great restaurants and quirky ones on topics like the resistance to merging before entering one of our many tunnels. Their content is often seasonal, with information on the best events and places to visit whether it’s the zoo in the summer or a favorite pumpkin patch in the fall.

@life.with.mrjosh is a page run by a local therapist that’s centered on mental health for teens. With a sense of humor and an engaging personality, Josh educates followers on all aspects of the mental health field. He covers the reasons why you should seek out a therapist, what the intake process looks like, and how different mental health issues, like panic attacks, can show up differently in teenagers. His honesty about things, like how he himself goes to therapy, helps create a space where teens and parents alike can trust his content.

@electrababytattoo sir please let me pay for my redbull and disassociate in peace thank u so much #tattooartistsoftiktok #traditionaltattoo #neotraditionaltattoo #pghtattooer #pittsburghtattoo ♬ original sound

@electrababytattoo is for all you tattoo lovers who enjoy funny and artistic videos. With a light self-deprecating touch, this tattoo artist shares personal vulnerabilities with a backdrop of cool designs, as well as the ins and outs of dealing with customers. There is some content of the process, and it’s amazing to watch a black outline transform into a full-color artwork on someone’s skin. She takes the camera with her to pop-ups and other events and brings a friendly vibe as she interacts with both followers and clients.

@meetneatpgh NEW Restaurant in Downtown Pittsburgh, PA 🌸 Ritual House is a beautiful new restaurant with two floors of seating inside! The cutest food and drinks here! Pictured: - Trust Me Cocktail - Empress Gin, layered with Lychee and Fresh Grapefruit - All American Burger - Double Stacked, featuring their House Blend of Beef, White American Cheese, Shredded Lettuce, House-Made Thousand Island Dressing 📍 Ritual House 524 William Penn Place Pittsburgh, PA 15219 #PittsburghRestaurant #PittsburghRestaurants #PittsburghRestaurantWeek #TheBurgh #PGHfoodie #PittsburghFoodie #DowntownPitt #LovePGH #DowntownPGH #StuffToDoInPittsburgh #YelpPittsburgh #DowntownPittsburghPA #DowntownPittsburgh #PittsburghSmallBusiness #PittsburghPA #RitualHouse #PGHlocal #LocalPGH #PittsburghFood #PittsburghCocktails ♬ Lavender Haze - Snakehips Remix - Taylor Swift & Snakehips

@meetneatpgh gives you all you need to keep up with the food scene here. Whether you’re looking for delicious coffee drinks, Lebanese shawarma, macarons, or banh mi, this creator has you covered. While a lot of the places she visits are in the city or the East End, she travels to areas like Cranberry and Greensburg to find the best, whether it’s a breakfast sandwich or a fresh-baked cookie. She also doesn’t shy away from unusual dining out options like charcuterie boards, and offers her thoughts on trends like Cheetos mac and cheese.

@jaycewalshmusic will brighten your day with beautiful renditions of songs from a bevy of artists. From Paul McCartney and Led Zeppelin to Tom Petty and Billy Joel, this young vocalist belts out every note with passion as he shares his life as a local musician. Some videos are simply him and an acoustic guitar or keyboard while others show live performances at venues and festivals around the area. Peppered with the occasional original, he’s already produced his first album and continues to grace stages around town.

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