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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Steel City Folk School offers variety of free classes

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In the Google age, where any question can be solved with a click and a short YouTube video can walk one through installing a water heater, we can forget the value of gathering together in a classroom and sharing the experience of learning.

But if you’re itching to discover something new or just want to meet some new faces, then Steel City Folk School may be for you.

This Saturday, at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh in Bloomfield, the Steel City Folk School offers 11 distinct free courses taught by qualified faculty. Made possible by a grant from the Sprout Fund, the Folk School's goal is to create a community of learning that nurtures mind, body and heart.

Courses offered this Saturday include “Human Awareness: Buddhist Teaching on Simplicity and Dynamism,” taught by Buddhist minister and Harvard doctoral candidate Adam Lobel. The six-hour class will break down the distinctions between psychological terms such as mind, thought, consciousness and awareness using the Buddhist tradition, and introduce meditation practices.

“Introduction to Practical Tile Installation” is taught by Julie Stunden, a former University of Pittsburgh professor and owner of Studen Studios Tile Installation. Participants will learn everything from planning installation and using the necessary tools to the makeup of the ceramic and how to treat and fix cracks.

So whether you want to learn about the basics of soil ecology in the urban environment of Pittsburgh (from Molly Mehling) or how to get the most out of your vinyl record-player (from record collector Mac Howison), the Steel City Folk School is a great way to satisfy a curiosity or learn a new skill and connect with the community.

All courses require pre-registration, and all are free except for materials. 

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