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Best Coffee Shop for Remote Working: Carnegie Coffee Company

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CP Photo: Jared Wickerham
Barista Mark Phillips makes a coffee at Carnegie Coffee Company.
Since the start of the pandemic last year, many offices have been shut down and continue to be. Remote work has become the new normal for many Pittsburghers. After many workers were confined to their houses for months, it became understandable that many were looking for a reprieve to do remote work out of their domiciles.

Luckily, some coffee shops opened up after restrictions were lifted, becoming oases for remote workers, and, according to Pittsburgh City Paper readers, none more so than Carnegie Coffee Company.

The two-story shop in Carnegie Borough won Best Coffee Shop for Remote Working in this year’s Best of Pittsburgh readers’ poll, and it’s easy to see why. The coffee shop — which occupies the borough’s old post office building — has a variety of comfortable workspaces, including couches, high chairs near a shelf overlooking Main Street, a reading nook, tables up on the second-floor loft, an outdoor grassy section, and cushy chairs and ottomans next to an in-house library. Plus, all of it comes with some historic, Rust Belt charm.

With all the great spaces to pull up a laptop and get some work done, it’s easy to forget that Carnegie Coffee Company is also a stellar cafe. Cappuccinos, cortados, lattes, and cold brew all keep remote workers caffeinated. Carnegie uses Italian-sourced Lavazza beans for its coffee drinks, which add rich flavor to patrons’ remote working experience. The cafe’s full breakfast and lunch menu includes breakfast sandwiches, pastries, soups, and salads, making it easy to transition from morning work to afternoon assignments.

The building that houses Carnegie Coffee Company also contains a pharmacy, so it's really easy to find all the amenities of home. On top of that, the cafe is located in the heart of Carnegie’s business district, and close to dozens of other shops and services. A parking lot is located right across the street from Carnegie Coffee Company, and for those without a car, the cafe is just half a mile from Carnegie’s busway station.

Carnegie Coffee Company is an easily accessible, and fully functional, remote option away from home offices.
Carnegie Coffee Company. 132 E. Main St., Carnegie.