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Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary: The Healing Center

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Western Pennsylvania has only had medical marijuana dispensaries for a bit over a year, but they are as popular as ever. Demand for cannabis medication has been so high that most dispensaries have had trouble keeping products on their shelves. 

This can mean some impatient patients, and that can lead to chronic headaches for dispensaries. But, The Healing Center has figured out a way to keep everyone happy. 

Winners of City Paper’s first ever Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary award, The Healing Center has dispensaries in Monroeville and Washington, Pa., with a Cranberry location set to open in November. 

Chris Kohan, co-founder of The Healing Center, says customers are drawn to the professionalism of his dispensaries. He says his dispensaries are averaging about 500 patients a day, with some days pushing 900 patients a day. 

Kohan says the centers are handling the large volumes of patients because of their dedication to follow everything by the book. 

“We are mapping the way the [Pennsylvania] Department of Health mandated,” says Kohan. “I wanted to put out a dispensary that is the poster child for the state.”

This means having knowledgeable and well trained employees, and as many pharmacists on staff as possible. Kohan says his team is continually educating themselves on the most up-to-date research and information about cannabis products. He believes this medical-first approach is a big reason The Healing Center has been successful at guiding patients to the proper dosage and suggesting the best ways to partake in medical marijuana, whether through edibles, tinctures, or vapes. 

“Pharmacists run our stores. We are a pharmacy, that is what we are,” says Kohan. “We consult you on your health and try to alleviate your illness.” 

Kohan adds that many patients also appreciate The Healing Center’s online ordering system, which helps expedite patient wait times, which he says never exceed 15-20 minutes. Anxiety recently became a qualifying condition for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, which will undoubtedly increase the number of patients coming to The Healing Center. 

But Kohan says the dispensaries will be ready.  

The Healing Center: 130 Mall Circle Drive, Monroeville and 799 West Chestnut St., Washington