The Moon Baby talks Valentine’s Day, dating, and more ahead of Spirit show

click to enlarge The Moon Baby talks Valentine’s Day, dating, and more ahead of Spirit show
Photo: Courtesy of The Moon Baby
The Moon Baby
Singer, songwriter, drag queen … romantic? The Moon Baby, a self-proclaimed pop star who cut her teeth in the Pittsburgh scene, will soon grace Spirit for Valentine’s on the Moon, Baby, a glamorous cabaret event described as “a night of irreverent covers, original songs, and at least one costume change.”

Happening Mon., Feb. 12, the Valentine’s Day celebration marks yet another Pittsburgh pilgrimage for The Moon Baby, who, despite living in Philadelphia, always finds opportunities to return to the city. 

Pittsburgh City Paper conducted another rousing interview with The Moon Baby about the upcoming show, her worst Valentine’s Day, dating, and more. 

Why a Valentine's show in Pittsburgh?

I have been doing my holiday show Christmas on the Moon, Baby with one of my dear friends, Jon David Russell, for nine years now. After the show this December, we were dreaming up ideas of what's next. I fell in love with my partner, Zach, in Pittsburgh and am always looking for an excuse to come on home, so Valentine's Day felt perfect.

Is Valentine's your favorite or least favorite holiday? Or is it somewhere in between?

If a holiday isn't heartwarming and full of fond memories, it needs to at least be commercially fun to interact with. The iconography of Valentine's Day is so cute, and celebrating love is an everyday meditation for me. I think if I were to rank holidays it would go Billie, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Valentine’s Day, Moon Landing, Thanksgiving.

What was your best Valentine's Day and worst Valentine's Day?

My best Valentine's Days are spent with my partner — we don't go out or make a big to-do of it but we always cook a delicious meal and stay in and have anal sex. 

My worst Valentine's Day was in the third grade — I did not win first place in the Valentine card mailbox challenge AND my teacher did not acknowledge to the entire class that I got glasses — which she had done for this girl, Kaitlin, a week prior. I had PEZ-brand prescription eyeglasses and was denied any real classroom recognition. A pitiful feeling.

click to enlarge The Moon Baby talks Valentine’s Day, dating, and more ahead of Spirit show
CP Illustration: Jeff Schreckengost

I've heard from some drag performers that dating can be difficult for them. Do you find that to be the case?

I have never found this to be the case but I also have never tried to date, instead excelling at casual sex in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. My partner Zach and I have been together a little over six years and the difficulty I face now in my relationship is that I am extremely annoying and have a flat ass.

Not sure if you could speak to this, because you have a partner now, but what is the queer dating scene in Philly compared to Pittsburgh?

The main difference in the queer dating scene from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia is that post-coital couples will dine at WaWa instead of Sheetz. There are also a lot less pups here!

Do you think your Spirit show would make a great date night? Why or why not?

Valentines on the Moon, Baby is the perfect opportunity to celebrate queer love, whether it be a date night or a night out with friends. I tend to serve everything with a wink and a fart, so even if you are riding solo, you can have a nice laugh and potentially find action after the show. The show also offers an Italian buffet and à la carte, heart-shaped pizzas! Spirit really got up into the trattoria with this one.
Valentine’s on the Moon, Baby. 9 p.m. Doors at 8 p.m. Mon., Feb. 12. Spirit. 242 51st St., Lawrenceville. $15 in advance, $20 at the door. 21 and over.