Best Delta 8 Flower In 2023: Top 3 Brands Of Delta 8 THC Flower Strains

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get a nice high? Maybe you want to feel calm and relaxed after a tedious day? Are you curious about how it feels to take delta 8 flowers? You're in luck, because there's a whole range of cannabis lovers who feel the same way. In our fast-paced world, many people struggle with anxiety, stress, and depression at certain levels. Some resort to diets, medications, or yoga. However, many people have also found delta 8 to be just as, if not more, helpful. Additionally, some people use a combined approach for an even better outcome.

Delta 8 is a quick and easy way to get some relief, and it also comes in a handy package. You can also enjoy the benefits of delta 8 by vaping or smoking the bud. As such, there are a lot of choices at hand. Here, we list the best delta 8 flower brands that produce different strains. Therefore, you can buy confidently and know you'll get a quality product.

Top 3 Delta 8 Flower Brands Reviewed

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta 8 Flower On The Market, Editor's Pick

  2. BudPop: Strongest Delta 8 THC Flower Online From Top Weed Store

  3. Hollyweed CBD: Most Popular D8 THC Buds, Natural Ingredients

#1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best Delta 8 Flower On The Market, Editor's Pick

Whether you're a new or experienced user, Exhale Wellness has your back. They're well known for producing top-quality and highly potent delta 8 flower buds. Furthermore, they only use organic ingredients and keep everything close to nature. Over the years, the brand has earned the trust of millions of customers worldwide. Observer, LA Weekly, Ministry of Hemp, the Los Angeles Times, and Forbes have all noted the excellency of this company.

With generous offers and portion sizes, Exhale Wellness is sure to meet the expectations of even the most demanding delta 8 lovers. The company has its headquarters in Los Angeles and stands among the best delta 8 brands in the United States. Furthermore, it has a steadily growing customer base due to its various delta 8 products and excellent services. People love it for its transparency, dedication, and honesty.

The brand boasts professional teams that comprise enthusiasts, researchers, and cultivators, who work together to create a potent delta 8 flower. You can confidently select any of the high quality hemp flowers like Sour Space Candy, Hawaiian Haze, Gorilla Glue, or Skywalker OG for that euphoric feeling.

Manufacturing Method

This process is very critical as it dictates product potency. Therefore, the brand implements the most advanced manufacturing method to produce its range of potent buds. It ensures that chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides have no contact with the cannabis plant. As a result, its cultivation stages maintain the highest levels of quality. The brand uses the indoor growing system to ensure the hemp plant have an ideal growing environment.

Aside from indoor growing, it uses the rolling or sifting system to sort and filter the buds. All this care is necessary to give you the best buds and ensure a quality experience with every light.

Honesty and Independent Lab Testing

Honesty and transparency are key to the brand's success and reputation. As such, it also employs third-party lab testing to let you know there's no chance of a conflict of interest. The brand practices what it preaches and openly offers information for all its products. You can even find the third-party lab test reports on the official website. This means what you see is what you get; there are no unpleasant surprises here. As a result, every joint you light is backed up with an assurance that you're in for a great experience.

Customer Convenience

No customer wants to struggle with a website when buying delta 8 buds. Exhale Wellness has an easy-to-use website with a simple interface. New customers can enjoy a 25% discount when they subscribe to the website. Meanwhile, the various strains sold by the brand offer you an opportunity to explore different experiences. The brand has a seamless shipping process for its customers. What's more, you can enjoy free shipping and get your goods within a week.

Customer Reviews

The first places most customers visit before they make their delta 8 flower order are reviews and rating sites. No matter how you mask your ingredients or try to fake your services, honest customer feedback can cut through the lies. Therefore, when they use your products or services, they openly talk about their experiences. While reputable delta 8 brands strive to give you the best of their products and services, others only want your money. As a result, this brand has created a strict standard in its manufacturing process. It has exceptional customer service that responds swiftly to your needs.

To crown the excellence of this brand, you can find more positive customer reviews about its products. Customers have a 30-day guarantee for its products. Hence, you can send the product back for a refund if you do not like the experience. Nevertheless, the brand has genuine reviews that can direct a first-time user on what to expect from the delta 8 flower.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Exhale Wellness

#2. BudPop: Strongest delta 8 THC Flower Online From Top Weed Store

BudPop has made a great mark in the delta 8 industry. Although the brand is a newcomer, it has already made a name for itself. Millions of customers have praised it for its innovation and potent smoke buds. The founders have a collective experience of over 25 years in the cannabis world. Furthermore, based on how quickly it is growing, BudPop may soon reach the top spot in the industry.

The brand has an excellent research team that ensures that each product manufactured undergoes a rigorous laboratory test. Since the brand started its hemp-derived products, other brands have put more effort into their research for high-quality products. Furthermore, the website also has a helpful blog that educates customers about the uses and benefits of delta 8. So, if you're a new user, you can easily learn about different aspects of delta 8.

Furthermore, to give you more freedom, BudPop offers four varieties of delta 8 buds. Each one provides a unique experience. Whether you're trying to satisfy sweet cravings or want something a bit more earthy, there's a bud in here for you. As such, your smoking experience is further elevated, making the whole thing much more enjoyable.

Manufacturing Method

BudPop complies with organic manufacturing standards. Hence, it attracts a lot of users who prefer products closer to nature. The product comes from 100% natural ingredients, processed on the best farms in the United States. The growing and cultivation processes do not contain harmful chemicals or artificial elements. As a result, you get the purest delta 8 flowers.

Furthermore, all products comply with the Federal Farm Bill. As such, delta 8 buds do not cross the 0.3% delta-9 THC mark. Therefore, you're not going to experience the stronger psychoactive effects associated with cannabis use. Furthermore, if you're unsure about any aspect of the buds, you can visit the website for further clarifications.

Honesty and Independent Laboratory Testing

Customer loyalty demands transparency and honesty, and BudPop is all about being upfront. Everything comes to light eventually, so it is better to be honest from the start. Following this philosophy, BudPop ensures that customers always know what they're buying and what their products contain. You don't have to worry about getting the wrong strain or any nasty surprises. You're guaranteed a pure, high-quality bud with every purchase.

Customer Convenience

Since you need the official website to buy the products, BudPop offers a great purchasing experience. What's more, they even offer exciting discounts to sweeten the deal. For example, you can get a 20% discount on your first order. Furthermore, everything is easy to navigate, and there's no confusion about finding information on the products.

You can expect your orders to be processed within 48 hours. This means you never have to wait long to get your delta 8 fix. Plus, the brand offers secure shipping, so the products arrive at your home whole and without any bruising. If, by chance, your order is damaged in transit, you can demand a refund. The helpful customer support service is always ready to answer your queries and help you out with orders. This quick feedback and resolution are why many customers keep returning to BudPop.

Customer Reviews

The success of the product is not found on the official pages. The real deal is in the customer reviews that openly talk about a product. As such, honesty and lack of clashing interests mean you will get the raw feedback without any corporate filtering. Apart from the official site, you can also find reviews on TrustPilot. This helps users like you exchange their experiences and help others discover what they can expect when buying from the official brand.

Given the success of BudPop, we are not surprised that the brand has many positive reviews because of its amazing services. With its 30-day money-back policy, you can send back the product if you don't like what you experienced. Moreover, customers like the pop-up page that helps them make the right choice when visiting its official website.

=> Click here to visit the official website of BudPop

#3. Hollyweed CBD: Most Popular D8 THC Buds, Natural Ingredients

People who want an unforgettable experience with delta 8 flowers often go to Hollyweed. The brand offers multiple high-quality strains and a wide range of flavors. As such, there's always something new to keep things fresh. Its highly skilled team understands the business of satisfying its millions of customers with potent delta 8 products.

Over the years, the company has become one of the top brands in the cannabinoid industry. The brand takes the wellness of its customers as a top priority. To that end, it ensures that each product offers something unique and unforgettable. This is highlighted in the multiple delta 8 flower variants you can find on the website.

Manufacturing Methods

Keeping in line with offering high-quality delta 8 flowers, Hollyweed CBD employs organic farming practices to ensure you get only the best buds. They grow different strains and mixes to cater to the diverse taste preferences of the market. Each strain carries a signature smell that instantly sets and induces excitement and anticipation.

The highly regulated and strict manufacturing practices ensure that the final buds stand out from the rest of the competition. Consistency is key, and Hollyweed CBD seems to have mastered this approach. Therefore, with every purchase, you know you're going to get the same quality experience you've come to expect from the brand. The overall experience is further enhanced with natural compounds like terpenes that elevate the smoking experience to new heights.

Honesty and Independent Laboratory Testing

Many consumers want to know what they take in when they vape or smoke delta 8 flowers. As a result, the reputable brand makes it a priority to be honest and open. Since customers will ask many questions about the safety of their ingredients, you can find the lab test results from each product on the website. The brand only uses a third-party laboratory for this test to prove that it has nothing to hide.

Customer Convenience

The official website is user-friendly, simple to understand, and convenient. Since the website is educational and straightforward, you can pick the type and size of flower you need from its shop without any hassle. Additionally, you can avail free economy shipping with all orders. Typically, you can expect your orders to be processed within 24 hours. Furthermore, there's also a paid shipping option if you want your goods sooner. Aside from this, your purchases are covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee. With all of these reassurances, there's nothing to lose.

Customer Reviews

The mother of all reviews is the users' experience. No matter what Hollyweed CBD has to say, its millions of customers have the final verdict, and things look good. With a dedicated and knowledgeable customer care team, you can get solutions to your queries very quickly. Aside from handling customers' queries, you can receive a recommendation for the most suitable products.

You can find the customer reviews on its official website, which can help you choose the delta 8 flower strains you desire. This will also help you if you're looking to switch to a new strain. Not every review is positive, but the majority seem to give a really good impression. This is also how you know the reviews are genuine and trustworthy.,

=> Click here to visit the official website of Hollyweed CBD

How We Picked The Best delta 8 Flowers From The Top Weed Brands?

  • Brand Reputation

When it comes to the market, reputation is king. It is one of the main driving factors that sells a brand's products. A brand's reputation determines how customers will embrace its product. So, the top brands we listed have earned the trust of millions of customers. We selected these brands based on user reviews, excellent customer service, and high-quality products. Moreover, we considered the potency, safety, and authenticity of the products. In addition, the affordability of the product counts when selecting reputable brands.

  • Brand Transparency

In our course of researching some of the top delta 8 brands, we realized that factors like the brand's independent lab test, standards, and policies contribute to its transparency. Most confident brands that claim their products are high-quality ensure customers are never in the dark. As such, they openly provide details about the manufacturing process, so you know what you're getting. This is further covered by third-party lab tests to eliminate any chance of bias or conflict of interest. The brands we listed offer you excellent services like money-back refunds and satisfaction guarantees.

  • Ingredients

We know that ingredients determine the efficacy and quality of flowers. Hence, customers always read the list of ingredients on any product to avoid suffering from allergies or consuming harmful components. Reputable brands state the ingredients they used on their flowers on their websites and labels. In addition, they highlight the potential benefits of using such ingredients in their products. We learned more about the effectiveness of the ingredients from the test reports posted on their websites.

  • Manufacturing/Extraction Methods

The extraction and manufacturing method used by a brand determines the effectiveness of a flower. Since brands use different methods for their collection, distillation, and purification of their THC, we considered the brands with the most reliable production methods. The assessment of the potency, quality, and safety of delta 8 flowers comes from the type of method used in the production. More so, we verified the claims made by these brands before we approved their products.

  • Third-Party Laboratory Testing

We couldn't ignore the importance of using third-party laboratory testing. Only brands that used independent lab testing had our approval. To ensure that flowers are safe, potent, and pure, premium brands hire laboratories to test their flowers. Certificates of Analysis or COAs prove that brands used this step for their products. If you don't find such reports on a delta 8 brand, you should refrain from using its products. Loyalty and transparency are maintained when brands produce their lab testing reports.

  • User Experience

Lastly, the customer experience matters a lot in accepting any brand. New users of a product may not know what to expect from what they read from user experiences. Old consumers of a brand's flower can talk about the shipment and dosage issues. Some users tell you how they feel after using a specific flower and the effect on their bodies. As a result, you can learn more about a product and brand from what the users say on the internet.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying Detla 8 Carts & Vape Pens

  • The Hemp Quality

We advise that you check the quality of the product you want to purchase. You should only consider brands that use pure hemp plants and excellent cultivation methods. Often, top brands use a sustainable farming system to ensure that their products have consistency in their quality and taste. However, some brands use methods that can jeopardize the final product. Further, hemp should come from an organically cultivated source. This helps you avoid impurities like dangerous artificial pesticides and fertilizers.

  • THC Concentration

Before purchasing delta 8 flowers from a brand, ensure that the delta-9 THC does not cross the 0.3% mark. This helps keep things legal and also prevents you from experiencing the adverse side effects commonly associated with cannabis use. This is important to avoid getting in trouble with the law if cannabis is illegal in your state. Always check the lab-test reports for delta-9 THC levels before making your purchase.

  • Product Potency

If you cannot get the desired benefits from delta 8 flowers, you may not want to use the product again. Hence, you should buy brands with flowers that offer great potency. On the same note, you also don't want something that is too strong for your tastes. Balance is key. So, always check if the flowers you're buying will suit your tastes. If they're too strong, you can smoke fewer buds and still have a great experience. User feedback is a good way to gauge the strength of a product and how you can tailor it to your tastes.

  • Product Purity

A brand should grow its cannabis plants without toxic chemicals or pesticides because it all affects the quality of the final flower. As we stated, read the lab test reports and user experiences. You can save yourself potential health problems by avoiding brands that use toxic or harmful components in their manufacturing process.

  • Price

delta 8 products do not come cheap, but they're not overpriced. The production methods used are complicated and expensive. If you want the best delta 8 flower buds, you need to pay for the quality. At the same time, avoid prices that seem too good to be true; you're likely being scammed. However, don't fall for overpriced flowers either; try to find a middle ground. Good brands offer affordable prices. Furthermore, avoid anything on the extreme side of the spectrum.

  • Manufacturing Methods

The growing and cultivation of delta 8 flowers determine the quality of the product. As a result, we recommend that you read the type of manufacturing method that your preferred brand uses for its flowers. Similarly, the cannabis plant's source must be free of dangerous components and toxins. The most preferred flowers come from organically manufactured methods.

  • Customer Support

Customer experiences vary according to needs and preferences. Therefore, brands have to strive to offer their customers the most potent and effective products. Since customers' satisfaction determines the reception offered during reviews and ratings, many brands ensure that they satisfy their customers' needs. So, look for brands with responsive customer support, prompt delivery, discounts, and friendly websites.

  • Independent Laboratory Testing

Everyone wants safe products, but not all brands can meet that demand. Before you settle on a brand, ensure you read the reports from third-party labs. If you want high-quality delta 8 THC flower, research the lab test report online. With the test report, you can quickly learn about the ingredients used on the specific flower. Most reputable brands post their Certificate of Analysis to help clear the air and prove they can offer quality products.

FAQs On THC Delta 8 Flowers

  1. Can I get high when I use delta 8 flowers?

Since the product works as a psychoactive component, you can get high. However, the intensity of the experience is lower than what you feel with delta-9 THC. As a result, the experience will be more mellow and lucid.

  1. Is it possible to smoke my delta 8 flower?

You can smoke or vape your delta 8 flower. Some people grind up their flowers and use them according to their preferred usage.

  1. Will I experience side effects from a delta 8 flower?

Individuals have varying reactions to the ingredients used by some brands. You may experience drowsiness, trouble standing, hallucination, or nausea when using the flower. However, the effect depends on the dosage or tolerance levels of the users. Most users report no severe side effects.

  1. Can I safely use the delta 8 flower?

This depends on your body and how you metabolize the drug. Typically, most users do not report any adverse effects from using delta 8. However, if you're taking medication, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before using delta 8.

  1. Will I test positive for a drug test when I use delta 8?

First, you should know that your flower may contain up to 0.3% delta-9 THC. This amount is very small and should not appear on a drug test. However, if you smoke a lot of flowers, you may test positive. Additionally, not all drug tests are created equal. As such, you may test positive with some tests but not others. Generally, it is a good idea to stop using it for a while before your test, just in case.

  1. Is it legal to use delta 8 products?

The United States has legalized the use of delta 8 THC. However, this rule does not apply in all states. As such, you should check with your state laws and regulations before you buy delta 8 products.

  1. Do I have to wait for long before I feel the effect
    of the delta 8 flower?

Since you vape or smoke the flower, you feel the effect faster than other delta 8 alternatives. However, the exact time will depend on how much and how fast you smoke. Still, smoking and vaping are relatively quick.

  1. What is the effect of delta 8 on the body?

delta 8 can affect the nervous system because it connects to the cannabinoid receptors. As a result, the substance influences how users notice things by creating intoxication or highness. When this happens to the body, normal functioning is disrupted. However, you won't get the strong negative effects that come with cannabis use.

  1. What happens if I use delta 8 daily?

Since humans react differently to medication, your case may differ. However, as a general rule, you will develop a tolerance and need more to feel the same high. Also, chronic use may potentially cause health issues. As always, please use delta 8 responsibly.

  1. Can I get addicted to delta 8 flowers?

Since the substance can influence your mood, you might get addicted to its experience. Some people are more susceptible than others to getting addicted. If you suspect you might get addicted, consult a doctor. If you stick to moderate use, you should be able to avoid addiction.

  1. Can anyone use the delta 8 flower product?

Although delta 8 flower offers potential health benefits and a mild high, it is not for everyone. As a general rule, anyone under the age of 21 should not use delta 8. People with medical conditions or the elderly should also avoid using delta 8 without first consulting their doctor.

  1. What is the best way to store my delta 8 flower?

To preserve the taste and quality of your delta 8 flower, you must store it away from moisture or light. The ideal place to store the product is in a cool, dry place and ensure it stays in its container.

Final Thoughts: Does Delta 8 THC Weed Flower Get You High?

Given the incredible versatility and variety of high quality delta 8 flowers, the market is going to keep growing. New brands are popping up to meet the ever-increasing demand of customers looking to experience delta 8 and all it offers. There are new tastes and strains being sold on the market; each one offers a unique way to enjoy delta 8.

However, you must be careful when purchasing this product online. With the number of fraudulent brands, it becomes harder to find good quality delta 8 THC flower. Our list of the top 3 brands of delta 8 THC flowers should help you buy with confidence.

Our team researched different factors before we came to our conclusion. You have an opportunity to experiment with different strains. There's enough variety in here that you're not going to get bored any time soon.

If you're in the mood to search the market, please consult our buying guide. It will help you avoid scams and save you from buying products that could harm your health. If you stick to the good practices we outlined in the article, you will have an enjoyable experience with delta 8 flowers.