Tackle your bowels with Brett Keisel's spicy new GetGo burger

click to enlarge Tackle your bowels with Brett Keisel's spicy new GetGo burger
Photo: Courtesy of GetGo
Former Pittsburgh Steelers Brett Keisel vs. the GetGo burgers
Sports stars and sandwiches go hand-in-hand, so to speak. Think of all the athletes in commercials for Subway, McDonald's, Burger King, and other fast food restaurants, pretending to enjoy foot-long hoagies and cheap burgers.

Now, a former Pittsburgh Steeler has teamed up with GetGo to create a new burger, and frankly, we have some concerns.

GetGo, the convenience store chain from Giant Eagle, introduced Brett Keisel’s Sweet Heat Burger, described in a press release as a quarter-pound hamburger patty topped with pickled banana peppers, pickled jalapenos, onions, bacon, and pepper jack cheese, all barely contained on a King's Hawaiian-brand Sweet Pretzel Bun.

The “Sweet Heat" comes courtesy of a "sweet-and-tangy banana pepper sauce."

Keisel worked with GetGo’s chefs in "finding just the right ingredients to bring the Sweet Heat Burger to life." Looking at the final product, Keisel seemed intent on creating a food similar to his role as a defensive end for the Steelers, something capable of destroying your gastrointestinal system like it's a Cleveland Browns running back.

“The Sweet Heat Burger is everything I’ve ever wanted in a burger,” says Keisel, who, based on his choice of toppings, has a calloused tongue and esophagus. “I wanted to work with GetGo because I believe in their burgers and their approach to making fresh food. The GetGo team brought my burger to life and it tastes great. It really is amazing.”
click to enlarge Tackle your bowels with Brett Keisel's spicy new GetGo burger
Photo: Courtesy of GetGo
Brett Keisel’s Sweet Heat Burger at GetGo
Everything about the Sweet Heat Burger dares you to eat it. There are peppers on peppers on peppers on peppers, then, as if that wasn't enough, here come the onions, ready to absolutely blitz your intestines. The bacon ensures that the rest of your day is spent in painful digestion.

GetGo director of culinary and innovation, and apparent madman, Farley Kaiser says the burger "truly has something for everyone" because, as pointed out before, there are like, 50 ingredients.

He adds that after Keisel took the first bite of his new burger in the GetGo test kitchen, he shouted, "Now that’s some sweet heat!" Or perhaps it was a scream of agony. Who can really say?

All jokes aside, football fans and anyone with a taste for extreme food will clamber to any one of GetGo's 260 locations throughout Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Indiana for a bite of this new signature burger.

Do we want to eat Brett Keisel’s Sweet Heat Burger? Absolutely. Should we eat it? We already have a whole arsenal of Prilosec just for the occasion.