Name that pigeon! Pittsburgh City Paper presents Pigeon Week

Wondering what Pigeon Week is? Well, we recently launched a new newsletter, City Pigeon, sent out every weekday morning — and a city pigeon mascot to go with it. What better way to promote our new newsletter than to shine a spotlight on its namesake?

That’s why, all this week, we’ll be bringing you the best Pittsburgh pigeon content we can find, including contests, games, and even TikToks starring the CP Pigeon:
@pghcitypaper our new hire has potential, if only they would stop eating out of the garbage #pittsburgh #dayinmylife #pigeon #fyp ♬ The Office (Main Theme) - TV Sounds Unlimited
We'll also be hiding a pigeon in this week's print issue for you to find, plus unveiling new surprises all week long on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

As part of #PigeonWeek, we want YOUR help naming our new feathered coworker! If we choose your pigeon name, you'll win a prize pack that includes not only a bunch of Pittsburgh City Paper swag (including pigeon buttons, of course) but also a four-pack of FREE tickets to the National Aviary to get some hands-on experience with our avian friends.

A few guidelines:
  1. All entrants must submit an email address along with a pigeon name, so we can contact the winner and sign you up for our email newsletter (if you aren't already on the list) so you can familiarize yourself with the City Pigeon you're lending a name to!
  2. While City Paper prides itself on being Pittsburgh’s most fun publication, please keep the name suggestions appropriate for CP readers of all ages.
  3. And most importantly: get creative with it!

The winner will be notified on Fri., July 15. We will also announce the winning name then. So what are you waiting for? Enter your pigeon name to win here!