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Seven Pittsburgh coffee shops serving tea lattes or steamers

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Photo: Merritt Donoghue
Amortentia from Arriviste Coffee
It’s the perfect season to head to your favorite coffee shop for a warm drink. But what if you’re caffeine sensitive or vowed to lessen your caffeine intake for the New Year? There are a number of Pittsburgh coffee shops that will have a drink just for you. Here are seven that carry tea lattes or steamers for you to enjoy.

Adda Coffee and Tea House

Multiple locations.
Adda has multiple locations across the Pittsburgh region, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting to one. On their menu, they have a delicious selection of coffee drinks, but they also have a section exclusively for tea lattes. Adda carries a Matcha Latte, a Masala Chai Latte, a Turmeric Ginger Chai Latte, and the Pea Blossom Matcha Latte, which has a unique, floral flavor.

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CP Photo: Jared Wickerham
Commonplace Coffee

Commonplace Coffee

Multiple locations.
At their multiple locations, Commonplace has a wide offering of tea lattes and steamers. If you don’t know what a steamer is, think of a latte without the espresso. There are the usual suspects you might find at most coffee shops, like matcha and chai lattes, but they also have steamers made with housemade syrups (lavender is a popular one, according to the cafe). If you’re looking for a drink for a young one, they also have hot chocolate with single origin cocoa from Ghana.

KLVN Coffee Lab

6600 Hamilton Ave., Larimer.
On top of having delicious beverages, KLVN carries housewares like mugs, candles, and French presses. These items aren’t always in stock, and may be switched out with other wares, but you don’t need a keen eye to find something you’ll want to take home. Beverage wise, KLVN carries matcha and chai lattes. They also have a rich Dandelion Hot Chocolate option made with single origin chocolate from Camino Verde Ecuador.

Creative Coffee Supply

309 Smithfield St., Downtown.
This cafe has a fairly compact selection of drinks, but they also have housemade syrups in flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, rose, and lavender that can make for a delicious drinking experience. On their menu, they feature a personal favorite: the London Fog Latte. Made with Earl Grey tea, steamed milk, and lavender syrup, this one is floral and herbaceous and will satisfy the need for something warm and delicious. They also carry a version called a Pittsburgh Fog, but watch out, this one has a shot of espresso in it.

click to enlarge Seven Pittsburgh coffee shops serving tea lattes or steamers
Photo: Merritt Donoghue
Solstice in the Strip from De Fer

De Fer Coffee & Tea

2002 Smallman St., Strip District.
If you’re into coffee, this is the place for you. They have a menu with classic lattes, and other espresso drinks, but they also have a specialty menu that is worth checking out. On this specialty menu is a drink that sounds absolutely divine. Solstice in the Strip is made with Vanilla Rooibos tea (an African red tea), pure Pa. maple syrup, and steamed oat milk. It’s all topped with a sprinkling of grated nutmeg.

Ineffable Cafe

3920 Penn Ave., Lawrenceville.
Ineffable is known for their eclectic drink menu and their wide selection of food, but if you peruse their menu further, you’ll find the London Fog Latte and the Vanilla Steamer. Both drinks can be made with your choice of milk and syrups ranging from vanilla, lavender, ginger, caramel, chocolate, and more.

Arriviste Coffee

5730 Ellsworth Ave., Shadyside.
Nestled in Shadyside, Arriviste is a cozy spot that feels very welcoming. In addition to carrying the traditional chai latte and matcha latte, they also have various steamers, including one with spiced honey. They can also make custom, off-menu drinks as long as they have the ingredients for them.