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Grist House craft brewery to expand into South Hills

The Millvale-based brewery announced plans to expand to a 55,000 square-foot facility in Collier Township.

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CP photo: Ryan Deto
Grist House brewer Brian Eaton (right) with Matt McMahon of Eleventh Hour Brewing
South Hills Pittsburghers who enjoy award-winning beers at Grist House craft brewery won't have to cross rivers to get it for much longer.

The Millvale-based brewery announced today it will be expanding to a large facility in Collier Township. Grist House recently closed on a 55,000 square foot site that used to be the Nike Missile Command Center.

“We really want Grist House as a Pittsburgh beer destination,” says Grist House spokesperson Bailey Allegretti. “We wanted a larger space so more people could enjoy, and we could do more experimentation.”

Grist House is known for a wide variety of beers, including Hazedelic Juice Grenade hazy IPA and Black in the USSR Russian imperial stout.

Allegretti says the new space will give Grist House ample room to start an extensive barrel-aged beer operation. She says she hopes to work with local and national distilleries on beer-spirit collaborations.

The Grist House team is also excited to be getting a bigger space for their hoards of fans. The Millvale location is pretty small, with a small bar, a small patio and a decent-sized outdoor space. However, crowds typically fill the location to the brim on weekends. The Millvale location will continue to operate and will not be affected by the expansion.

When the expansion in Collier is complete, Allegretti envisions the South Hills location as a “destination brewery,” where visitors can participate in tours and attend events.

"We want some people to make a day trip out of visiting us,” says Allegretti. “We want them to have a great time.”

Grist House currently doesn't have a timeline for when the Collier location will open, but Allegretti says they will be updating progress often on their website.

“We want everyone to know what is going on every step of the way,” says Allegretti.