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5 Best Autoflower Seed Banks of 2023

Cannabis has been a buzzword in recent years mainly because of its potential therapeutic benefits. Several states across the U.S. have permitted the use of cannabis, both for medical and recreational purposes. As a result, an increasing number of individuals are choosing to cultivate their own cannabis, with autoflower seeds emerging as a favored choice among cannabis growers.

Autoflowering seeds are cannabis seeds that automatically begin to flower when the plant reaches a certain age or stage, as opposed to photoperiod seeds that grow based on light exposure. This makes them easier to grow for both beginners and experts. Moreover, factors like faster growth, multiple harvests in a year, ease of cultivation, and the ability to grow indoors and in various climatic conditions are the primary reasons behind the soaring popularity of these seeds.

Various autoflowering seeds are available today, each offering distinct effects, flavors, and aromas. This multitude of options often leaves cannabis growers, particularly beginners, feeling uncertain about which seed type to select. Furthermore, it's important to note that not all autoflowering seeds in the market are of high quality, and certain seeds may result in meager yields. That's why it's essential to do your research and buy high-quality cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks.

This article aims to make this process easier for you. We've compiled a list of the five best autoflower seed banks, reviewing their variety of strains, pricing, reputation, customer support, and guarantees. Let's get started.

Best Autoflower Seed Banks Overall

Here is a list of the best autoflower cannabis seed banks that we'll be reviewing in this article:

  1. ILGM - Best for Premium Autoflowering Seeds With Germination Guarantee

  2. Crop King Seeds - Best for High Germination Guarantee

  3. Homegrown Cannabis Co - Best for an Extensive Range of Autoflower Seeds

  4. Beaver Seeds - Best for High-Quality, Affordable Autoflowering Seeds

  5. Herbies Head Shop - Best for an Extensive Range of Autoflower Seeds from Numerous Seed Banks

ILGM: Best for Premium Autoflowering Seeds With Germination Guarantee

Company Overview

ILGM, which stands for I Love Growing Marijuana, is one of the best autoflower seed banks that has been around since 2012. The online seed bank sells a wide range of high-quality feminized and autoflowering seeds, including small plant, fast flower, indoor, and outdoor seeds. The company is also known for its VIP program for loyal purchasers, safe shipping options, and 24/7 customer support.

ILGM's founder, Robert Bergman, brings over 25 years of expertise in cultivating reliable marijuana seed strains on a large scale. His goal in establishing ILGM was to share his extensive knowledge of marijuana cultivation and provide guidance to others, enabling them to produce high-quality marijuana and achieve successful growth.

On the company's official website, you'll find lots of learning resources related to growing marijuana, including detailed beginner guides. Additionally, the company has a dedicated blog and active forms where you can learn about growing autoflowering cannabis seeds from experts.

Variety of Autoflower Strains

ILGM has a huge collection of different types of autoflowering cannabis seeds, such as:

  • Small plants seeds

  • Fast flower seeds

  • Indoor seeds

  • Outdoor seeds

Highlighted among ILGM's offerings are premium products like:

White Widow Autoflower Seeds:

  • 60% Indica, 40% Sativa

  • Super easy to grow

  • Up to 19% THC

Granddaddy Purple Auto:

  • 100% Indica

  • Up to 23% THC

  • Flowering time of 7 to 10 weeks

  • Great for beginners


ILGM provides a germination guarantee for all its products. If your autoflowering cannabis seeds fail to germinate, the company will replace them at no cost. Additionally, ILGM extends a delivery guarantee to ensure the secure arrival of your order.

Shipping and Payment Options

ILGM typically delivers orders within two working days. However, some orders can take up to a week to be delivered. In terms of payment, you can pay by credit card, bank deposit, cash, bank transfer, or Bitcoin.


ILGM is a high-end autoflowering cannabis seed bank, with prices starting from $89 for five seeds. Notably, the top-rated White Widow Autoflower Seeds are priced at $89 for a pack of five and $119 for a pack of 20. Similarly, the favored Granddaddy Purple Autoflower is available at $99 for five seeds and $129 for 20 seeds. The investment in ILGM's seeds is unquestionably worth it by their quality and performance.

>> Buy seeds from ILGM <<

Customer Service & Feedback

The brand has received hundreds of positive reviews and ratings on various autoflowering seeds and products, which is a testament to its reputation. Customers have expressed satisfaction with the seeds' quality, ease of growing, and effectiveness. In terms of customer service, the company offers an excellent 24/7 customer support service.

Pros & Cons


  • Free shipping within the United States

  • Germination and delivery guarantees

  • 24/7 customer service


  • Package tracking costs an additional $25

Crop King Seeds: Best for High Germination Guarantee

Company Overview

Founded in 2005, Crop King Seeds is one of the best online cannabis seed banks with an extensive collection of autoflowering cannabis seeds. The company is committed to providing a hassle-free growing experience and offers an exceptional 80% germination guarantee.

Furthermore, each of their seeds undergoes meticulous testing for quality and reliability. The Vancouver-based company is also known for its impressive worldwide shipping options, making its seeds accessible to customers around the globe.

Variety of Autoflower Strains

At Crop King Seeds, you can choose from over 170 different types of autoflower seeds. The seeds are available in several strains, each with unique characteristics and impressive benefits.

Some of their best products include the following:

Candy Cane Autoflower Marijuana Seeds:

  • 7-week flowering time

  • Easy to grow

  • Up to 17.81% THC

  • It can be grown indoors and outdoors

Northern Lights Autoflower Marijuana Seeds:

  • 8-week flowering time

  • Over 15% THC content

  • Light honey-musk aroma

  • 20% Sativa, 70% Indica, and 10% Ruderalis


The reliable seed bank offers a germination guarantee of 80%. This means if less than 80% of your seeds do not germinate, you can get new ones for free.

Shipping and Payment Options

Crop King Seeds usually completes deliveries within 2-7 days across North America, although specific delivery times may vary depending on the destination country. The company offers free shipping on orders above $200.

In terms of payment options, Crop King Seeds accepts payments through major credit/debit cards and Bitcoin. Additionally, Canadian customers have the option of using Interac E-transfer for payment.


At Crop King Seeds, pricing ranges between $65-$240 for most autoflower seeds.

>> Buy seeds from Crop King <<

Customer Service & Feedback

Crop King Seeds is one of the most popular autoflower seed banks. The company has a solid reputation, which is evident from numerous positive reviews from happy customers. Reviewers have expressed satisfaction with their seeds' quality, growth results, and ease of use.

Pros & Cons


  • 80-100% germination rate

  • Worldwide shipping

  • High-quality seeds


  • Delivery times vary depending on the location

Homegrown Cannabis Co: Best for an Extensive Range of Autoflower Seeds

Company Overview

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a popular name in the cannabis industry, offering an extensive range of weed seeds, including feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

In addition to selling seeds and related cannabis products, the company focuses on educating individuals about proficient cannabis cultivation. Notably, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has partnered with the esteemed cannabis cultivator Kyle Kushman, offering a collection of video tutorials that provide invaluable insights into indoor cannabis cultivation techniques.

Furthermore, the company's website hosts videos featuring various experts, showing the nuances of cultivating cannabis and autoflower seeds in outdoor environments. Complementing these resources, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has a helpful blog housing an extensive selection of articles contributed by their team of experts.

Variety of Autoflower Strains

Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers a wide range of autoflower seeds divided into various categories, such as:

  • Outdoor and indoor yield range (light, average, etc.)

  • Flowering time (6-8 weeks, 8-10 weeks, etc.)

  • Seed types (Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa)

  • THC content and CBD content

  • Height

Among their standout products are:

Blueberry Gusto Auto Cannabis Seeds:

  • 20% THC and 0.5% CBD

  • 8-10 week flowering time

  • Indica dominant strain

  • Height ranging from 20 to 47 inches

  • Can be harvested all year

Cream Autoflower Cannabis Seeds:

  • Mid-range THC levels

  • Mostly Indica

  • Height of around 39 inches

  • 8-10 weeks flowering time

  • Can be harvested all year


Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers a germination guarantee, meaning you can get your seeds replaced if they don't sprout. To claim the guarantee, you must follow the instructions provided in the company's comprehensive germination guide and generate photos and videos of your process as evidence.

Shipping and Payment Options

The average delivery time of Homegrown Cannabis Co. is around 4-9 days, but it can sometimes take longer. The company offers free shipping on orders above $99 and also allows you to track your order starting from $10.99.

The company accepts a range of payment methods. For instance, you can pay by:

  • ACH (requires routing number and account number)

  • E-wallets such as Zelle and Cash App

  • Traditional mail by sending a check

  • Certain cryptocurrencies

  • Most major credit and debit cards


The company's autoflower seeds are reasonably priced, with costs starting from $78 for a pack of 4 seeds.

>> Buy seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. <<

Customer Service & Feedback

There are numerous positive customer reviews on different Homegrown Cannabis Co. products, showcasing the brand's solid reputation. The reviews indicate that customers are satisfied with the seeds' quality, growth time, and ease of cultivation. The company also offers 24/7 customer support.

Pros & Cons


  • Offers various payment methods

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Germination guarantee


  • The company only ships within the United States at this time

Beaver Seeds: Best for High-Quality, Affordable Autoflowering Seeds

Company Overview

Founded in 2009, Beaver Seeds is another reputable seed bank trusted by thousands of autoflower growers. They provide a wide selection of well-known strains, procured in bulk from reputable breeders, to offer customers the best possible prices.

Alongside their high-quality seeds, the autoflower seed bank is also favored for its discreet packaging, a feature many customers appreciate. Additionally, the company's website contains various helpful guides and articles on cultivating cannabis.

Variety of Autoflower Strains

The company sells a wide range of autoflower seeds, including Hybrid, Indica-dominant, and Sativa-dominant strains. Moreover, the seeds are available in various flavors, such as blackberry, banana, citrus, and more.

Included in their notable products are:

Tooth Decay Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds:

  • Indica-dominant strain

  • 17% THC level

  • Short plant with substantial buds

  • Simple to grow

  • 8-9 weeks flowering time

Tangerine Dream Autoflower Marijuana Seeds:

  • Indica-dominant strain bred from G13 and Afghani Indica strains, as well as Neville's Haze (a Sativa-dominant strain)

  • Citrus flavored consisting of some earthy and sweet tones as well

  • 8-10 weeks flowering time

  • Suitable for various climatic conditions, such as warm, sunny, and dry

  • Up to a 20% THC content


Beaver Seeds products have a high germination guarantee. The company also offers a delivery guarantee for orders of $20 or more.

Shipping and Payment Options

Beaver Seeds provides worldwide shipping and dispatches orders from multiple global locations. Delivery typically takes between 7-25 days, varying by country. For instance, Canadian orders arrive within 2-5 days.

Additionally, Beaver Seeds provides same-day shipping with tracking. Customers appreciate their secure and discreet packaging.

For payments, Beaver Seeds supports various debit and credit cards, Money Gram, e-wallets like PayPal, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


Beaver Seeds is a budget-friendly seed bank, with seed prices beginning at just $35 for a pack of five. Prices do fluctuate based on the specific seed type chosen.

>> Buy seeds from Beaver Seeds <<

Customer Service & Feedback

Beaver Seeds is well-regarded for its trustworthy brand and positive customer feedback across various products. What sets Beaver Seeds apart is not only its reputable marijuana seed bank but also the company's commitment to customer service. This element contributes to the widespread positive feedback they receive across product offerings.

Pros & Cons


  • Stealth packaging options

  • Reliable seed bank offering worldwide shipping

  • Affordable seed prices


  • Doesn't produce its own seeds but rather sources them from various breeders

Herbies Head Shop: Best for an Extensive Range of Autoflower Seeds from Numerous Seed Banks

Company Overview

Next on the list of the best autoflower seed banks is Herbies Head Shop. The shop has an extensive collection of autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds from over 90 seed banks, including top producers like Barney's, Fast Buds, Black Skull Seeds, and Delicious Seeds. Alongside selling seeds from top-rated banks, Herbies offers its own range of quality, affordable cannabis seeds.

Herbies is managed by a skilled team with over ten years of cannabis research experience. They prioritize sharing accurate info to educate customers.

Variety of Autoflower Strains

On Herbies Head Shop, you can find various types of autoflower seeds from numerous seed banks. Whether you're looking for Indica-dominant strains, Sativa-dominant strains, or stains with a high THC content, the shop has them all.

Here are some of their best products:

Purple Lemonade Auto by Fast Buds:

  • High-quality cannabis seeds

  • Indica-dominant strain

  • Advanced purple genetics

  • 70-110 cm height; suitable for both outdoors and indoors

  • 8-9 weeks flowering time

Godzilla Cookies Auto by Herbies Seeds:

  • Premium seeds

  • 27% THC content

  • 60% Indica, 40% Sativa

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth


At Herbies Head Shop, they ensure guaranteed germination, asserting that a minimum of 7 out of 10 seeds in a pack will reliably sprout. If you encounter a quantity of non-germinating seeds surpassing the acceptable threshold, you're eligible to use the guarantee and get free seeds.

Shipping and Payment Options

Herbies ensures discreet worldwide shipping with delivery times varying by location. For example, shipping to the US takes around 9-13 days and 5-9 days to the UK. The official website features a shipping calculator for estimated delivery times and costs. Moreover, Herbies takes great care in packaging seeds securely to prevent damage during transit.

Accepted payment methods include debit/credit card, cash by mail, bank transfer, cash on delivery, Bitcoin, and USDT.


At Herbies Head Shop, the prices of autoflowering seeds differ depending on the specific seed bank you choose to purchase from. As an example, the most economical autoflower seed from Seedstockers is priced at $5.39 per seed. Moreover, you can find seeds at varying costs like $9.93, $10.23, $15.64, and so on, per seed.

>> Buy seeds from Hearbies Head Shop <<

Customer Service & Feedback

The company currently has over 3,500 customer reviews and an average rating of 4.37 stars, with 84% of reviewers recommending their seeds. These stats indicate Herbies Head Shop has a good overall reputation, with many customers expressing satisfaction with the quality of the seeds, delivery times, and customer service options.

Pros & Cons


  • Offers seeds from numerous seed banks

  • Worldwide shipping

  • Various payment methods are accepted


  • Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the packaging

How Did We Pick the Best Autoflower Seed Banks?

Variety and Quality of Autoflower Strains

The best autoflower seed banks sell high-quality seeds. Additionally, they offer a diverse range of seeds to meet various customer preferences. To compile our list of the best autoflower seed banks, we meticulously reviewed customer feedback on different companies to gauge seed quality. We also conducted comprehensive research on their selection of autoflowering seeds.


Guarantees serve as a promise from the company about providing top-tier seeds with strong germination rates. This is why our list exclusively features companies that provide germination guarantees. Companies like ILGM and Beaver Seeds go a step further by also offering delivery guarantees. If your seeds fail to germinate, aren't received, or arrive damaged, you can request a replacement pack at no cost.

Shipping and Payment Options

Shipping times play a pivotal role in customer satisfaction. Top-notch companies strive for prompt deliveries to enhance the customer experience. Additionally, they offer diverse payment options like credit/debit cards, Bitcoin, and bank transfers to ensure convenience. These factors guided our selection process for identifying the best autoflower seed bank options.


Pricing often dictates purchasing decisions. Our list encompasses both premium and budget-friendly brands, enabling you to assess product features and costs from various sources. This empowers you to select the ideal option tailored to your requirements and budget.

Benefits Offered

We meticulously examined the seeds offered by each company on our list to ensure they deliver top-quality seeds with notable health and therapeutic benefits.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the best way to assess the reputation of a company and autoflower seed bank. We thoroughly assessed customer reviews to ensure each company on our list is reputable and trusted by growers.

What Are Autoflower Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are a specific type of cannabis seed that enters the flowering stage automatically when the plant reaches a particular age or growth phase. These strains are developed by crossing Sativa and Indica plants with Ruderalis.

Unlike regular or photoperiod seeds, they don't rely on light exposure for growth and flowering. It's worth noting that autoflower seeds typically yield smaller harvests compared to photoperiod seeds. However, due to their ability to thrive in diverse climates and quick maturation, multiple harvests can be achieved within a year.

What Is the Difference Between Regular, Feminized, and Autoflower Seeds?

Regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds are three distinct categories that offer unique advantages and considerations. Understanding the differences among these seed types is crucial for both beginner and experienced cultivators, as it directly impacts the cultivation process and eventual yields.

  • Regular Seeds: Regular cannabis seeds are natural, unaltered seeds that come directly from a male cannabis plant fertilizing a female plant. They have a 50% chance of developing into male plants and a 50% chance of becoming female plants.

  • Feminized Seeds: Feminized cannabis seeds are bred to produce only female plants. These seeds result from stressing a female plant to produce pollen, which is then used to fertilize another female plant.

  • Autoflower Seeds: Autoflowering cannabis seeds are created by crossing Sativa or Indica plants with Ruderalis, a type of cannabis that flowers based on age rather than light exposure. These seeds automatically transition from vegetative growth to flowering without requiring specific light conditions.

What Are the Benefits of Using Autoflower Seeds?

Faster Growth

Autoflowering seeds are bred to grow quickly, and they have a much shorter life cycle than regular seeds. Most autoflower plants are ready to harvest in around 8-10 weeks. This means you can have multiple harvests per year.

No Need To Grow Tall

Autoflower plants are typically smaller in size compared to photoperiod plants. Their compact size makes them a great choice for those with limited space or those looking to grow cannabis plants indoors.

Require Less Attention

Autoflower seeds do not require specific light schedules to reach the flowering stage. This distinctive trait significantly reduces the cultivation effort needed. Moreover, these plants can withstand fluctuations in climatic conditions, simplifying their growth process even further.

Best Autoflower Seed Banks FAQ

What Seed Bank Has the Best Autoflowers?

Some of the best autoflower seed banks include ILGM, Crop King Seeds, Beaver Seeds, Herbies, and Homegrown Cannabis Co.

How Much Yield Can I Get From Autoflower?

Autoflower plants generally yield around 10 to 30 grams per plant on average.

How Fast Should Autoflowers Grow?

Autoflowers typically have a flowering period that spans 8 to 10 weeks. It's important to note that some plants take longer to complete their flowering stage.

What Is the Longest an Autoflower Can Take?

In some instances, robust autoflowers might require an extended period of up to 15-16 weeks before they are fully mature and ready for harvest.

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Conclusion on Best Autoflower Seed Banks

In conclusion, autoflowering seeds have gained popularity among cannabis cultivators due to their rapid growth, simplicity of cultivation, multiple annual harvests, and adaptability to various environments.

Sourcing top-tier seeds from trusted seed banks is paramount to harness these advantages. Among the best in this category are ILGM, Crop King Seeds, Beaver Seeds, Herbies, and Homegrown Cannabis Co.

This article has comprehensively reviewed these companies, evaluating their seed variety, quality, reputation, customer response, shipping, payment options, and pricing. Ultimately, making an informed choice from these reputable autoflower seed banks ensures a rewarding cannabis cultivation experience.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only. Please check your state laws regarding CBD usage and ensure you are 18+ before using it. Keep in mind that CBD is not FDA-regulated, and it's crucial to consult with a doctor before using it for anxiety.