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Top 5 Pittsburgh Concerts (since moving here in August 2005)

The Roots at Carnegie Mellon University (free!)

April 2008

I have seen some good free shows, but nothing will ever compare to this one. There were extended drum solos (Questlove’s sticks lit up!), extended un-boring jam sessions and of course, Tuba Gooding Jr. 

Delicate Steve at Thunderbird Cafe

April 2015

This one was so good that my friend and I went home and listened to his live album (Live in Las Vegas), which had the same exact setlist, immediately after. Also, Steve wore a Waldo hat. 

Pixies at Carnegie Music Hall

January 2014

My friends and I trekked through a hell of a snowstorm in an ill-equipped rental car to get to this one. We got in zero car crashes, sustained zero injuries and witnessed one of the best sets any of us had seen. (Having seen Pixies again in 2017, I can now underline just how good this 2014 show was.)

Blackalicious at Mr. Smalls

March 2006

Blackalicious’ MC, Gift of Gab, is a big fella. He remained seated on a stool for much of the show, but stood up slowly during the “Alphabet Aerobics” encore, and you know what? It was riveting. 

Deerhoof at Rex Theater

April 2014

This one had all the earmarks fans come to expect from a Deerhoof show: Greg and Satomi switching instruments, a “Come See The Duck” singalong, Ed’s fabulous clothing. Fun bonus: the opener was future Ocean’s 8-er Awkwafina. 

Flamingo Fest at the National Aviary
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Flamingo Fest at the National Aviary

By Mars Johnson