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Some Good Music Videos by Pittsburgh artists

1,2,3: “Scared But Not That Scared” (2012) directed by Sue-Ling Braun

In typical fashion for this crew, this song and video are both charming and unsettling. It covers a cult, poisonous pudding and a cute ass animated asteroid headed for earth. 

Badboxes: “The Mystery” (2014) directed by Thom Glunt

This video is about as ambitious as you can get, and the concept is pulled off impeccably. Robots and saxophones, enough said. 

Code Orange: “I Am King” (2014) directed by Max Moore

2017’s Forever was the breakout record for Code Orange, but this video and song from I Am King still felt like a huge step forward and re-introduction for the band. The opening seconds still give us the willies. Shout out to Carrie Furnace for one of its many cameos in Pittsburgh video history. 

Girl Talk and Freeway: “Tolerated” (2014) directed by Allen Cordell

Gregg Gillis may no longer call Pittsburgh home, but he wears a Pirates hat once in a while, so that’s something. Any video in which people walk down the street getting in fights (“Bittersweet Symphony,” etc. …), is a winner. 

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