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Pittsburgh's People of the Year 2022

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Pittsburgh has a reputation built on sports, steel, and ketchup. But cities are not defined by winning teams, industries, or condiments. People define them. Each year, the Pittsburgh City Paper looks for those locals who made a big difference over the last 12 months.

The City Paper team chose People of the Year candidates who devoted 2022 to workers’ and reproductive rights, made positive shifts in the arts, and scored historic wins in politics and other fields.

This issue includes profiles of La'Tasha D. Mayes, voted in as the first out Black lesbian to serve in the state House of Representatives, and Crystal Grabowski, a healthcare assistant fighting for Planned Parenthood patients and workers. It also includes exceptional figures in the categories of Labor, Music, Food and Drink, Business, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and Literature.

CP feels proud to present a posthumous tribute to Celeste Scott, a longtime local activist and community organizer who passed away in November.

Please join us in honoring the people working to make this city a better place for everyone.

Pittsburgh City Paper Editorial Staff
Amanda Waltz, Jamie Wiggan, Jordana Rosenfeld, Lucy Chen, Hannah Kinney-Kobre, Jared Wickerham

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