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Pittsburgh's People of the Year 2021: Labor

University of Pittsburgh faculty make union goals a reality

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CP Photo: Megan Gloeckler
University of Pittsburgh faculty
In October, the higher education world was rocked — in a good way — by the news that faculty members at the University of Pittsburgh officially voted in favor of unionizing. The announcement came after years of alleged anti-union efforts by the Pitt administration, legal challenges, and other setbacks threatened the union of Pitt faculty’s fight for what they cited as “higher wages, more academic freedom, and other needs.” The move marks a positive step to secure labor rights for workers at one of the largest employers in Pittsburgh. In a press release, Tyler Bickford, an associate professor in the University of Pittsburgh’s English department, said, “Simply put, this will make Pitt a better institution. The result will be greater security for workers, better educational outcomes for students, and increased transparency across the university.” It also adds to the growing union efforts in Pittsburgh’s higher education scene, with Pitt faculty joining fellow professionals at Point Park University and Robert Morris University.