Pandemic Crossword | Coloring Issue | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper

Pandemic Crossword


1. App for Gen-Z

2. Local univ., briefly

3. Not delivery of dining in

7. App criticized for sticking it to restaurants

10. Extra in Romero film

12. How meetings take place now

17. First name of a local kangaroo or a perennially visiting country star (not this year)

19. Stuff to keep you safe, briefly

20. What these times aren’t, according to TV commercials

21. Kind of fries you might get before boarding the Jack Rabbit

24. Middle phase or Coldplay song

26. 64 oz. of hefeweizen from the brewery, to-go

27. Riverboat on the Mon

32. Wendy might be on it (she is)

33. Where manis and pedis happen

34. They should be bigger in times like these

35. Wolf says you can take cocktails this way


4. Recommended distance (ft.) to keep while out and about

5. Cold cut on a controversial Pa. pie

6. Embraces

8. Local univ., briefly

9. Harshest phase in lockdown or Malkovich movie

11. Local univ., briefly

13. Swimming destination in Missouri, or a Netflix show

14. What anti-lockdown protesters are jonesing for

15. Popular thing to bake for the bored

16. Local univ., briefly

18. What these times are, according to TV commercials

22. How many are voting in 2020

23. Former “kid” who donated 100,000 meals to Pittsburgh food banks

25. First league to cancel season, not that we have a team

28. Putting in hours out-of-office, briefly

29. The kind of distancing that’s big now

30. How Trump spells Conor’s name

31. Fetterman is his lieutenant

33. It blew a 17 year lead to Zoom

34. Number of seconds for a handwash. Are we still doing that?

36. State Rep. with a friend in Bernie

37. Third phase or Nader’s party

38. Stanley Ipkiss wears one and so should you

See page two for answers.