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Lawrenceville + Vicinity

NatuRoll Creamery
NatuRoll Creamery


Banh Mi & Ti
It’s not just a clever name: Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches and bubble tea are the main attractions at this comfy bistro with outdoor seating. 4502 Butler St., 412-251-5030

Coca Café
This is one of the most popular brunch spots on Butler, featuring inventive takes on standard breakfast favorites. 3811 Butler St., 412-621-3171

Get your fix for Middle Eastern fare at this local favorite, specializing in kebab, falafel, hummus, tabbouleh and more. 4130 Butler St., 412-742-4998

Espresso a Mano
A popular spot good for an afternoon away from the office, a Sunday-stroll destination or a quick coffee and croissant to go. 3623 Butler St., 412-918-1864

Geppetto Cafe
A cute, old-school sit-down joint, good for a cup of joe and a nosh on a Sunday morning. 4121 Butler St., 412-709-6399

Kaleidoscope Cafe
A menu of contemporary American fare fits right in with this quirkily designed but genuinely cozy spot. 108 43rd St., 412-683-4004

La Gourmandine
The staples at this traditional French bakery are baguettes, cold sandwiches, pastries and assorted sweets. 4605 Butler St., 412-682-2210

Justin Severino’s Spanish-inspired menu is more than deserving of its accolades. Start with the oxtail and a glass of traditional Spanish cider, poured from a custom tap shaped like an arm. 3519 Butler St., 412-652-9924

Lawrenceville + Vicinity
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Pusadee’s Garden

NatuRoll Creamery
Rolled ice cream is the name of the game here, with liquid batter frozen in sheets at -15 degrees F, then rolled up like a frozen crepe. 4318 Butler St., 412-687-1572

Pusadee’s Garden
If you’re in town by the end of the year, run to this spot for a robust menu of traditional Thai dishes in one of the city’s finest outdoor dining settings. Pusadee’s is closing for major renovations. 5321 Butler St., 412-781-8724

Reed & Co.
Opening earlier this year, this is a go-to destination for healthy, organic fare like cold-pressed juices, fresh salads and smoothies. 4113 Butler St.,

Round Corner Cantina
Highlights here include the house margarita (a splash of orange juice makes all the difference), generous burritos and one damn fine dining patio. 3720 Butler St., 412-904-2279

Smoke Barbeque Taqueria
True to its name, this joint specializes in smoked meats, tacos and traditional BBQ trays with a modern twist. 4115 Butler St., 412-224-2070

Here you’ll find traditional Japanese street food, plus sushi, sashimi and other items dedicated to the titular flavor profile. 202 38th St., 412-224-2354

Wheel and Wedge
American cheese — no, not that one — is the focus at this tasting room at Engine House 25 Wines, which serves pairings with vino as well as the occasional craft brew. 3337 Penn Ave.,