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Groom fashion advice for a same-sex wedding

Eons Fashion Antique owner Richard Parsakian offers tips


Since the legalization of same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania and across the country, more gay couples have been tying the knot. With so much attention paid to the bride during wedding prep, City Paper wanted to talk to Richard Parsakian, a local fashion icon and owner of Eons Fashion Antique, for advice on a two-groom wedding.

Do you have any specific tips for grooms as they plan their wedding?

Think outside the closet (you are out, right?) and outside the box. Is this wedding for you or for your (supportive) parents? Don’t think about bitchy friends. Let the world know it’s your time. Your vows and words to each other will mark the occasion. Get your creative friends to help with planning and decor. Don’t be a drama queen.

Any advice on how to make each groom stand out?

I think getting married to each other already accomplishes this. But I always love a powerful pocket square, a statement bowtie or necktie, or the addition of an antique lapel pin. Vests are still classic, and trendy too.

What combinations look good together?

A bear and otter, two bears, two lumbersexuals, two queens. It’s endless. Sorry, I went there.

Are there dos and don’ts for groom-groom style?

It’s time to celebrate and not worry about being traditional. Please, no more matchy ties and tuxedos. Ugh! We know you are the two grooms.