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Get hygge, Pittsburgh style with local treats, teas, knits, and more

A pandemic was bad enough, but when the dregs of winter set in, comfort comes at a premium, especially in a place as notoriously gray as Pittsburgh. Facing this bleak one-two punch calls for a bit of hygge, a cozy way of life that Scandinavians have embraced to survive the harsh cold months. Books like the 2017 New York Times bestseller The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living have inspired Americans to adopt the practice as a way to find solace in these difficult times.

While think pieces have since criticized the new hygge movement as bourgeois and not, in fact, Danish, the idea of being as comfy as possible seems like a solid one. So Pittsburgh City Paper decided to offer some Pittsburgh-style hygge with a list of locally-made knits, hot beverages, candles, and other items made to add a little warmth to your life.
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Photo: Busy Hook Happy Heart
Fingerless gloves by Busy Hook Happy Heart


220 Hat by atiya jones,
If you shaved your head instead of risking a trip to the barber, you may be wearing hats indoors for some extra warmth. CP art director Abbie Adams personally recommends the 220 Hat by atiya jones. The wool beanies are made-to-order and hand-knitted by jones. And because no two are alike, they are guaranteed to become a one-of-a-kind staple for any winter wardrobe.

Fingerless gloves by Busy Hook Happy Heart,
Remote workers trying to keep their hands warm and their fingers free to type should check out Busy Hook Happy Heart. Owner Terri Galloway crochets her collection of fingerless gloves from soft, wool-free yarn in a variety of rich colors, like mustard and burgundy. Galloway says the gloves were one of her “top sellers this season so far.”

Cowl Neck Warmer by Otto Finn,
Winter doesn't mean your wardrobe has to go goth. The Cowl Neck Warmers by sustainable fashion company Otto Finn come in a variety of bright colors and patterns. They're also made from organic cotton fabric and lined with recycled Polartec fleece so you can stay warm in style.

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Photo: Leaf & Twig
Winter Comfort tea by Leaf & Twig


Commonplace Winter Solstice Coffee,
Commonplace Coffee uses beans sourced from Mexico and Ethiopia for its latest Winter Solstice Series blend. The flavor profile reaches for a smooth and full-bodied — yet sweet — finish, with notes of chocolate and fruit cake.

Leaf & Twig,
The Greensburg-based tea company Leaf & Fig sells handcrafted, seasonal teas perfect for the cold months. Founder Melissa Vertosick recommends the calming Lavender Mint Dream and Winter Comfort, a popular selection for this time of year “due to the spiciness of the ginger, paired with the immune supporting herbs of elderberry and echinacea.” She also boosts Yule Spice, a new blend that also comes in a caffeinated Chai. “Think clove-studded oranges, cinnamon in baked goods, and ginger for digesting the heavy meals,” says Vertosick.

Tupelo Honey Teas, or
Try a variety of custom loose-leaf teas created by love, Pittsburgh and Tupelo Honey Teas. The Mount Washington Tea contains notes of sage and mint, while the love, Pittsburgh Tea, made exclusively for the shop, is a jasmine, mint, and hibiscus green tea. You can also try the Cinnamon Plum Tea or explore more options with the Yinzer Tea Sample Box.

Hot Cocoa Bombs by Sinful Sweets,
Get in on the latest viral food trend with Hot Cocoa Bombs by Sinful Sweets. Cocoa mix and marshmallows are surrounded by a hard chocolate shell designed to melt when it comes in contact with hot liquid. The end result is a sippable treat that will bring a bit of sweetness to any cold, miserable day.

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Photo: PSquare Scents
Relax Spa Kit by PSquare Scents

Bath and Body

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Photo: Hip Modern Soap Co.
Oatmeal Milk Bath Bomb by Hip Modern Soap Co.
Hip Modern Soap Co.,
This winter, Hip Modern Soap Co. co-owner Carrie Robertson recommends the Oatmeal Milk Bath Bomb or the cute, leafy Monstera Bath Bomb. Get the most out of your hot shower with Hip Modern's Shower Steamers — which come in a variety of essential oil-infused scents — from the congestion-relieving Sinus Rescue to the calming Sweet Dreams with lavender, vanilla, and chamomile. At $3 a pop, you can try them all.

PSquare Scents,
Tea is great for drinking, but it’s also great for soaking — especially with Bath Tea Bags from PSquare Scents. The Bellevue shop offers a creative way to relax with soothing spa salts and herbs packaged in tea bags large enough to steep in a bath. For something more traditional, try PSquare's Spa Kits, which include the eucalyptus-infused Recovery Kit and the lavender-based Relax Kit.

Una Biologicals Hand Cream,
The cold, along with constant washing and sanitizing, can really take a toll on your hands. Save your skin with lemongrass lavender Intensive Therapy Organic Hand Cream from the Lawrenceville shop Una Biologicals. The moisturizer is formulated with shea butter, comfrey extract, and other natural ingredients meant to protect and heal dry, cracked hands.

click to enlarge Get hygge, Pittsburgh style with local treats, teas, knits, and more
CP Photo: Amanda Waltz
Smoked Pine & Parchment from North Ave Candles

Warming Wicks

837 North,
At 837 North, candles come in a wide array of scents to fit any taste. Try Cinnamon + Violet — a blend of African violet, black cinnamon, sandalwood, eucalyptus, and vanilla — or Cardamom + Sandalwood, described on the shop website as smelling of “clove, sandalwood, cinnamon, and teakwood on a background of white cedar, patchouli, and amber.”

Chez Lapin,

Buy candles and help support rabbit rescue efforts with eco-friendly candles from Chez Lapin. The company specializes in fragrances inspired by the owner's time living in France. I recommend the French Lavender & Lemon Creme or woodsy Cedar Embers. Chez Lapin also donates a portion of every purchase directly to rabbit rescues and animal charities as a way to support the “cruelty-free movement.”

North Ave Candles,
If you lack access to a working fireplace, Smoked Pine & Parchment from North Ave Candles can at least make your home smell like one. Explore this and other candles from the company's thoughtfully designed Banned Books Collection, based on persecuted works of literature. Romantics should check out North Ave's special Valentine's Day releases, which include sweetly-scented candles inspired by Conversation Hearts candy and a citrus-y Love Potion candle.

PGH Candle,
Invest in some small batch, hand-poured, 100% soy wax candles from PGH Candle. Experience the “musky oakmoss and amber” of the company's Pittsburgh-inspired Neighborhood Collection, or choose from the long list of OG Collection scents that come in 8- or 16-ounce sizes.