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Lynn Cullen Live - 3/20/19

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Lynn keeps saying she thinks it's too early to be really talking about who will be the Democratic candidate for 2020. The polls happening now show those leading are the ones who people know like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Beto O'Rourke. The first debates are even scheduled for June. CNN however, has been doing a good job with its town hall meetings intended to let people get to know many of these lesser known candidates. Lynn wants to get to know more about all of these candidates to even be able to guess who has a chance of winning.

Lynn is also covering a bunch of other topics today. Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been offered a deal. She doesn't believe it is something he will actually take though. Then there is the news that bitcoin's value has drop drastically. On a local level, there is a protest scheduled for March 25th in support of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reporters.

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