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Lynn Cullen Live - 1/10/18

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Buckle in, because Lynn is riled up in today's show and she's handing out some hot takes.

Lynn starts the show with a blistering attack on the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's editorial board for its defense of Jeff Sessions' hope to crackdown on marijuana. She takes umbrage with the assertion that seems to equate marijuana and opioids, and is holding nothing back. Here's the editorial that stoked her ire.

Also, she gets into a heated rant from a listener's email that thinks Lynn doesn't give Democratic leadership enough credit. But Lynn looks at the east coast elites who dominate much of the talk and is unimpressed. And it doesn't help that for all of Obama's strengths, he was not a strong party builder.

All this and more, from Joe McCarthy's alleged morphine fix to pay disparities in Hollywood even as actresses walk the red carpet with Time's Up buttons. Oh, and angry turkeys. Listen in!

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