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Lynn Cullen Live 06/13/12

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Guest: Chris Potter; CP cover: parody of Time mag cover w/ Corbett suckling a business man; the beleaguered middle class; Reading, PA is the nation's poorest city; tax credits as incentive to destroy public schools; new method to track gun use; Zimmerman won't go to jail for murder, but he'll go to jail for lying; NYT covering Sandusky trial in the sports section; Obit of the day: Teofilo Stevenson, Cuban Olympic boxer; conservative email alerts w/ Nazi-esque logo; can Obama be a wimp AND a cold killer?; Obama's speeches are energy draining; death of newspapers; why buy music / movies when you can steal them online?; only ONE priest ordained in the New York Archdiocese this year; healthy women advised not to take calcium & vitamin D; Callers: Mike, Netherlands / Unknown.

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Lynn Cullen Live 06/13/12

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