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Lynn Cullen Live 04/09/12

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Guests: none. The death of Mike Wallace. Listened to the audio book "The Known World" by Edward P. Jones on my drive to my brother's house in Michigan. Set in 1800s Georgia. Few slaves were able to buy their freedom. Labor didn't have a value. It seems current day Repubs have the same mind set. Repubs favor company owners not the workers...why create jobs, it will make Obama look good. Tennessee anti-bullying law is opposed by the Christian group "Focus on the Family" ...saying it makes bullies have to accept gays. Stores are continuing to add self service checkout lanes while others are beginning to remove them. Possible no show tomorrow due to being called for jury duty. Check my page tomorrow to find out. Callers: none.

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Lynn Cullen Live 04/09/12

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