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Lynn Cullen Live 04/08/13

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Guest: Kathy Newman, Assoc. Professor at CMU & Opt Out Movement advocate; Obits: Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Britain, & Roger Ebert, film critic; Thatcher's effect on Britain & why she was thrown out by her own party; Ebert on death; Kathy Newman's letter in the PG & why she's opting out of her son taking the PSSA test this year; Linden Elementary students can only go to their library once a month because of budget cuts; gov't expects all students to be proficient in math & english; stress put on the students to do well on the exam; conspiracy to shut down public education; why do rich schools get more state money than poor schools?; the art of learning; what can the Obama administration do?; other Opt Out advocates;; Callers: Pamela / Unknown.

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Lynn Cullen Live 4/8/13