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Lynn Cullen Live 04/05/13

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Guest: Chris Potter; mayoral race funding / spending; why candidates loan themselves money; how much the candidates are working with; whoever has access to the deepest pockets / has the best ad agency will win the election; endorsements for Jack Wagner flooding in; what about Ravenstahl's money?; FDA making Plan B available without an RX to any age; Kim Jong Un set 2nd missile on launcher; why people are buying bullets at an alarming rate; why Steeler Alameda Ta'amu probably won't serve any jail time; we actually live in the least violent time in history; Henry David Thoreau would not be a fan of how complex life is today; Terms of Agreement experiment; over 50% of Americans think we should be able to smoke marijuana recreationally; Steelworkers trying to unionize adjunct professors; Callers: Dave, Washington / Unknown.

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Lynn Cullen Live 4/5/13