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Lynn Cullen Live 03/09/12

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Western Psych shooting yesterday - - victim's name released; no one cares that WPXI always has to be first; PG letter to the editor - - Catholicism-loving man digs a little into the church & the need for women's equality; Yinzletown; Kansas bill that levies sales tax on abortions, allows doctors to withhold important medical info from women; Hispanic voters prefer Obama 6 to 1; Repub self-destruction of a once great party; Santorum - - anti-college with three degrees; WPXI falls for a joke, reports that Hines signed w/ Ravens; working for Rupert Murdoch is bad for your mental health; lack of history in K-12 education; Newsies becoming a Broadway musical.

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Lynn Cullen Live 03/09/12

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