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Lynn Cullen Live 02/26/13

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Phone guest: Susan; more Oscar re-cap; Jack Nicholson's interaction with Jennifer Lawrence; Renee Zellweger, Barbara Streisand looked embalmed; Amanda Seyfried's head is too big for her body; Kristen Stewart looks like she'd knife you in an alley; Charlize is forever gorgeous, why is everyone so over Anne Hathaway?; can't just watch the Oscars now, you have to tweet about it, rip it apart in real time; the Academy as a trade organization; new cast of Dancing with the Stars; Twitter is good for breaking news; Michelle Obama dancing w/ Jimmy Fallon; Obit: C. Everett Koop, former Surgeon General, AIDS education advocate; ice fishermen to be drug tested; impacts of sequestration; Yahoo employees can't work at home anymore; women bosses sometimes worse than a male boss; horse meat in IKEA's meatballs; smiling lowers blood pressure, stress; Callers: George, Moon / PJ, Greensburg.

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Lynn Cullen Live 2/26/13