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Lynn Cullen Live 02/25/13

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Heading into sequestration; Oscar re-cap; Seth McFarland wasn't that funny, the opening dragged too long, and his jokes about John Wilkes Booth & Rihanna were in bad taste; the Oscars used to just be a luncheon until the 40s; Michelle Obama presents Best Picture; awkward, not-funny presenter moments; Dame Shirley Bassey was flat; Jennifer Lawrence handled her fall very well; Catherine Zeta-Jones lip synched; how Nate Silver's predictions held up; those left out of the In Memoriam; where was the orchestra?; The Onion tweet about Quvenzhane; no more news on the Pgh Police scandal; current acting Chief of Police has an interesting bedfellow; gay sex parties in the Vatican; Callers: Michael, Palm Springs / Mike, Philadelphia.

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