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Lynn Cullen Live 02/20/12

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Unlike Romney, Santorum believes what he says; one debate left, who will Newt go after?; Santorum doesn't approve of public education; in NYC, wealthy Americans send their kids to private schools / wealthy foreigners there send their kids to public schools; public schools have greater ethnic & economic diversity - - more like the real world; Santorum is against pre-natal screenings as it could lead to more abortions; Virginia law: women MUST submit to a vaginally probing ultra-sound before getting an abortion, not unlike rape; Pgh cop suspended after raping women for 4 years; angry white guys can't get over their loss of power in society; woman fired for NOT firing an attorney who was building a case against Consol Energy; Caller: Clarence, Canonsburg.

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Lynn Cullen Live 02/20/12

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