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Lynn Cullen Live 02/01/13

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Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, almost springtime!; will Chuck Hagel make a good defense secretary?; Obit: Ed Koch, former NY mayor; IL high school firing blanks as a security drill; Missouri bill in Senate that would require gun safety classes for 1st graders; Wayne LaPierre was in favour of background checks at gun shows in 1999; Port Authority vs. Steve Bland; North Side prison guard found guilty on 27 counts for abusing prisoners, how will he fare in jail?; NYT feature on Kathleen Kane's investigation into Corbett regarding the Sandusky case; Corbett's son-in-law also under the FBI; for a woman to be taken seriously, does she have to watch the way she dresses?; Dan Marino had a child out of wedlock; Marino's "internship" at WTAE; gun manufacturers implant an idea of apocalypse; beach homes of the 1%; Callers: John, Greensburg / Unknowns

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Lynn Cullen Live 02/01/13