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    zwielight on 11/01/2008 at 8:57 PM
    Re: “Royal Caribbean
    Wow. We must have gone to a different restaurant than Jason and Angelique, yet with the same establishment, menu, and name. Using one of those delectable coupons, we were prepared for a feast. Upon arriving, we were informed that over half the menu was unavailable (this was around 6.45p on a Saturday, with an empty house)

    What we did order was good; fried plantains and seafood fritters. Then came the shrimp platter. We had waited over an hour for our food, and they had run out of vegetables (!) Rather than ask us if we wanted to sub, she said they had more on and would bring out shortly.

    Now folks, we didn't complain too loudly because these steamed vegetables would have been rejected by your grandmother's nursing home cafeteria. Steamed to death with no salt or butter... absolutely flavorless and nutritionless.

    Trying to get our tab up to $40, we ordered dessert. Half an hour later, our waitress came by but we didn't have any forks. She said she'd bring them, no problem. Having had to wait earlier until we were finished with the entree to get an initial water refill, we knew the fork story was suspect... so we ate cake, melting ice cream and all, with our knives.

    The folks ordering food to go were being served faster than the dine-ins... and as more people poured in, I overheard the waitress say that even more items were unavailable. "No beef..." ..."No rice and peas..." (their signature dish, that three tables canceled orders and left!)

    **Verdict: if you're interested in so-so Caribbean fare, try this place to-go!