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Some of jokes in this animated film are too advanced for kids, but they’ll get the message to be understanding

In this pint-sized animated crime mystery directed by Byron Howard, Rich Moore and Jared Bush, a bunny on the side of the law — Officer Hops — and a swindler of a fox team up to investigate a missing-otter case. As they navigate a world where predators and prey have evolved past the hunter-hunted dynamic, Hops and the fox discover that major tensions and trust gaps exist between the two groups in Zootopia. Some story points may fly over the heads of children, such as the “mammal inclusion initiative” at the Zootopia Police Department; that Hops calls fox “articulate”; or that sloths work at the DMV. But for the kids, the overall take-away should hold: to listen to and understand those who are different from you.

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