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What's up with our superego telling us to enjoy? In Buenos Aires and Manhattan, asking just such questions, sweaty, bearish, bearded and rumpled Slavoj Zizek (gee-jek) draws crowds that would gladden any indie rock band. In his books, articles and TV appearances (and even a 1990 run for his country's presidency), the fiftysomething Slovenian philosopher blends Marx with neo-Freudian Jacques Lacan, plus echoes of Derrida, to critique a culture that demands that our appetites for consumption and fantasy must never be satisfied. Filmmaker Astra Taylor follows this hyperverbal public intellectual everywhere -- including to a shopping spree at a New York video store. The 70-minute portrait is imaginatively shot and edited, with a specialty in dire closeups of Zizek's ruddy face and deep-set eyes. While an plainly smitten Taylor never really challenges Zizek's thinking, simply introducing us to his outsized personality and some of his chewy concepts feels like plenty. In English and Slovenian, with subtitles. Fri., March 31, through Sun., April 2. Melwood (BO)

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