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Zaydamane and Choo Jackson release collaborative EP, Rebels Don’t Die

“That’s your art; it’s a flower that’ll never stop growing even after you die.”

click to enlarge Choo Jackson, Zaydamane and Larry Herb - CP PHOTO BY MEG FAIR
CP photo by Meg Fair
Choo Jackson, Zaydamane and Larry Herb

Rebels Don’t Die is rife with ballsy beats and clever bars. 

It’s a high energy, genuinely fun release, one that keeps the party going with each track. This EP is a collaboration between two hungry, ambitious Pittsburgh artists Zaydamane and Choo Jackson. The two met when they were working on other projects at ID Labs Recording Studio. 

Once they started collaborating, the project took no time at all.

“We basically wrapped up in a week or two,” says Zaydamane. “We were in the studio every chance we could get, working on beats.”

The four songs on Rebels Don’t Die sound like they were made by friends having fun, and that’s because they were. Choo and Zaydamane teamed up with producers and pals Larry Herb and Prophezy. 

“We produced the album as well, so it’s a really special project to me,” explains Zaydamane. “We kept it in-house, and it’s all my friends basically.” 

“We all made everything, so it’s like your baby when you make it from scratch. When you create it from step one to the end, you have a different love for it.”

Adds Choo, “It was literally nothing before, and we created it out of air.”

Choo pushed Zaydamane out of his comfort zone as the two recorded vocals. Zaydamane previously would write before hitting the studio, but Choo’s method leans heavily on improvisation and seizing the moment. 

“I’m impatient,” laughs Choo. “The way I record, I do everything in the moment. I don’t think about nothin’, I turn the lights off, light some candles up.”

Although the music from Rebels Don’t Die has already found its way to clubs in Pittsburgh during dance nights, this duo will not likely perform the material together in the immediate future. Choo is about to head out to another city to move and shake other scenes, but Zaydamane know the distance won’t be forever.

“We’re always gonna link up, no matter where we are,” says Zaydamane. “Whether it’s here or down in Atlanta. We’re always gonna stay in contact regardless.” 

Ultimately, both Choo and Zaydamane want their creative spirit to inspire others to be their own individuals.

“As long as you’re a rebel and you do what you want in life, you’re never gonna die,” says Zaydamane. “Look at all the rebels that have passed in past generations like Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Tupac, Biggie. That’s your art; it’s a flower that’ll never stop growing even after you die. It’s going to live on. That’s the whole idea of this project.” 

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