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Young Junne goes all in and reaps the rewards

After an effort to get his video noticed, the local rapper signs with Master P's label

Young Junne, like most young hip-hop artists, started with a dream of being noticed by a hip-hop mogul and signed to a major label. Unlike most, Junne has made it a reality. Using his social-media presence to reach out to fans and hip-hop bloggers, Junne launched a campaign and got the title track of his album Visionary, with its Jordan Beckham-directed video, noticed in and outside of Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh-based rapper premiered the track on just after being fired from a job at GetGo; the making of the video was an all-in effort that took the last of his money. "I took my last little check and put [the video] on Worldstar," he says. Soon he was contacted by a music exec Shaun Ross, who flew him out to Los Angeles; as a result of the trip, Young Junne met Master P.

Getting an opportunity to meet up with one of the most notable figures in hip hop is one that Junne will never forget. The fact that they both have a basketball background worked in Junne's favor. "He's been through what I've been through, we both hoop and we have similar interests," Junne notes. After that meeting, Young Junne was quickly signed to a contract with Master P's revived No Limit label.

Now focusing all his attention on the upcoming project God's Gift, Junne has his eyes locked on the prize. After a successful mansion party that was also a video shoot for up-and-coming R&B singer M. Tomlin, Junne flew back to California to put the finishing touches on his album.

God's Gift is due out in early 2015, and Junne plans to continue to drop videos after the mixtape is released "We've got a lot of stuff coming up: recorded a track with Nipsey Hussle, Jerimiah, Ace B and, of course, Master P," Junne says. Although he's spending a lot of his time in California, Junne wants to help other artists in Pittsburgh once he gets his feet firmly grounded in the industry. "I want to make my own record label and put on top talent from Pittsburgh," Junne explains. And that just might be one of the big music stories of 2015.

Listen to Young Junne:

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