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You can help choose new designs for Port Authority bus stops

As part of its continued development of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Pittsburgh, the Port Authority of Allegheny County wants riders' thoughts on designing new transit stations and shelters that will sit along the routes of the BRT. Via a SurveyMonkey poll, riders can vote and voice their opinion on different aspects, from bench type to shelter color.

The 10-question survey consists of five image-based questions about design, and five comment boxers where people can express more in-depth thoughts about the stations.

According to the survey, the BRT, which will improve travel efficiency and accessibility for buses, bikers, and pedestrians, "will run from Downtown Pittsburgh, through the Uptown and Oakland neighborhoods of the City of Pittsburgh, and into the eastern suburbs and Monongahela Valley of Allegheny County." The BRT has been in talks for years, and the Port Authority is submitting a proposal for its project to the Federal Transit Administration this year.
Screenshot of BRT Survey
In July, David Huffaker, Chief Development Officer at the Port of Allegheny County, told Pittsburgh City Paper that they are still waiting to submit the proposal. Previous similar BRT proposals have had a high rate of acceptance, and if this proposal is accepted, it should take around two years to complete.

The BRT expansion will include turning a current traffic lane on Fifth and Forbes avenues into a bus-only lane, which will make buses run faster without adding to the rest of the traffic. The survey will help with the design of the BRT, which includes ways to make the area more friendly to pedestrians and bikers. The design aspects include roof style, color scheme, identification marker, seating options, and additional elements including WiFi, bike racks, and solar panels.  

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