YES NURSE! NO NURSE! | Film | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh City Paper

From Holland comes this musical comedy adapted from a recent play that was based on memories of a beloved 1960s Dutch television series (apparently no original copies exist). Pieter Kramer's exuberant and vividly colored film tracks the goings-on at Nurse Klivia's rest home -- there's burglars, mean neighbors, funny pills and grandpas. Every 10 minutes the cast breaks for a loopy song-and-dance number: Imagine twirling nurses; prancing fuchsias; a hot guy in tighty-whites serenading his pigeons; or two male friends recalling their trip through Europe where they met a lot of local sailors. As kooky as it is, Yes Nurse is played straight, like the Hollywood musicals it pays homage to, yet it can't contain the exuberance and giddiness that also makes it deliciously weird (there's a touch of Bollywood about it). You may not know exactly what to make of it, but it's a toe-tapper. In Dutch with subtitles.

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