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    James Yellowplush on 03/14/2008 at 9:14 AM
    Re: “Art of the Deal
    I agree with the previous poster that more attention needs to be paid to what is going on in EDMC's online division. Since I'm an EDMC OHE alum myself, I can attest to the hijinks that have gone on there in the past. But instead of getting bogged down in tawdry office politics, my suggestion is to focus once again on whose interests are being served best in the for-profit higher education model, this time with the experiences of online students as the theme. I can guarantee to you that while brick-and-mortar schools like AiP will continue to be EDMC's bread and butter, the online model is the future of the company as well the industry as a whole. That is where many of the most interesting and vexing questions should be addressed.