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Year One

Recently uncovered Old Testament bromance

Verily, this is true: Jack Black has become that tiresome guy at the party who thinks that repeating his jokes loudly (or with fewer clothes on) is gonna make them funnier. If Black is the boor, then Michael Cera is that quiet guy you never quite noticed before who, with his shy shrugs and half-whispered asides, actually is funny. Maybe it's just the proximity of the braying Black that makes him shine, but Cera is the jewel in the camel muck of Harold Ramis' bromantic road-comedy set in Old Testament times. Oh, there's some easy laughs, including a few digs at religion, and it's fun picking out all your favorite comic actors from behind their righteous beards. (I was also impressed with the amazing array of costumes our two heroes wore, given what I would assume were limited fashion choices in those days.) But beyond all the fart, dick and sex jokes, the best fun is watching Cera nimbly steal this film from its star.

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