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WYEP presents The Local 913: Wreck Loose

“I love being anxious. I mean, I think I've grown to embrace it. It's who I am. If I wasn't anxious, I'd probably be pretty boring. I'd probably stop writing songs and I would just be very content playing Myst on the computer.”

That’s Max Somerville, the supposedly reclusive frontman of Wreck Loose (get it?). In 2019, he didn’t have much time to hide out, or play video games for that matter. He spent part of the year playing drums with Strand of Oaks, an experience that he said taught him a lot about touring: “You don't get a lot of time to actually be musical on the road. I was constantly thinking, man, I can't wait to get back so I can start writing again.”
The time after the tour proved productive: Wreck Loose put out a great album, Wreck Loose Kills Again, in November. The recording process was a bit different this time around. They brought in Music Garden Studios owner Al Torrence, who had such a big impact on the direction of the album that Somerville now refers to him as the fifth member of Wreck Loose.

And Somerville doesn’t sound all that anxious on the new release. It’s a confident rocker with a bombastic sound that will make you re-think the term “piano rock.” Of the album’s title, Somerville says, “I think it just came from the fact that we were ready. We were ready to strike and kill in a good way.”
Listen to Liz Felix, the evening mix host at 91.3FM WYEP, and CP music writer Jordan Snowden discuss indie music stories in Pittsburgh on this week's What's New in Local Music with Liz and Jordan.

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