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Write-In Candidates

Best Infestation
Stink bugs
They kind of suck, but not as much as bed bugs.

Best street to not get plowed out during a snow storm
Monteiro Street in Greenfield
I saw the National Guard get stuck on my hill in February! Come on, tax dollars.

Best citizen action group
Lincoln Place residents organizing against Marcellus Shale drilling
Citizens spreading awareness, trying to save their neighborhood and the city, renews your faith in the public sphere.

Best Pittsburgh jargon
Because it's a great word.

Best off-leash dog park idea
Lawrenceville dog-park proposal
It would be two blocks from my house and my dog Andre would love it.

Best place to go for a hike
Hartwood Acres
Never crowded and you can pretend you are a robber baron who resides in the mansion.

Best portable toilet company
Mr. John of Pittsburgh
Brought flushing technology to the Pittsburgh portable-restroom market!

Best TV reporter
Alison Morris, KDKA
Yale intellect behind those eyes.

Best free hang
Monday nights at AVA
Jam session with hot house band for $0 cover. And no, I'm not involved.

Best pumpkin patch
Reilly's Summer Seat Farm
It's the sincerest.

Best way to learn Pittsburgh actually has non-white residents
Ride the T
Did you know that we weren't just a city of whites and blacks? We actually have Hispanic and Asian residents? No? Ride the T! 

Best unidentified goat
Still the Unidentified Goat from 2007
Because it's been three years and I still remember that story. That goat has more lasting power in my brain than most important things I need to remember.

Best blog
Blogski (blogski.phcapgh.org)
It's a real community blog.

Best performance
Killer Joe
Incorporated edgy theater with local rock legend Joe Grushecky.

Best place to go for an easy good time
Pittsburgh Zoo
It's the zoo -- what more reason is needed? Animals are awesome!

Best reason to stay in Pittsburgh
The Mayans predicted this as a safe haven for 2012.

Best way to spend lazy Sunday afternoon
Kayak Pittsburgh
Float down the Allegheny River.

Best way to make up for having a category titled "Best Spring Roll"
Fire somebody

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