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Women in Radio: Rosemary Welsch on WYEP

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Photo: Rosemary Welsch
Rosemary Welsch
While you're cooped up inside, you can still listen to the radio! In honor of Women's History Month, City Paper will be highlighting women in Pittsburgh's airwaves throughout the month.

Rosemary Welsch 91.3 WYEP (WYEP-FM) Mon-Fri. 2-6 p.m.

Time in radio:
I've been in radio since September of 1981, so coming up on 39 years. The first nine were volunteer. I've been on paid staff 30 years as of June 4th.

How did you know this career was what you wanted to pursue?
I didn't know a career in radio was what I wanted; I had no idea what I wanted for a career. I stumbled into radio as a way to come out. WYEP had a lesbian radio show at the time and I volunteered. From there I quickly expanded into other areas, offering my services for whatever genre was available.

What is your favorite part about working in radio?
Several things I love about working in radio. It gives me a great excuse to listen to music, something that many adults haven't the time to do. I stay in touch with new music and younger generations (yes, it's plural now). I absolutely love talking with creative people, be they musicians, writers, or artists of other disciplines.

What’s something most people don’t know about your job?
What is important in my job that most people might not think about is the amount of writing that occurs, for scripts, reviews, and other projects.

Is there any advice you can give to young women looking to work in radio?
For women moving into radio, remember that women bring a unique view to all aspects of radio. Your voice isn't just important, it is absolutely necessary. Fight for your right to be heard.

One fun fact about yourself.
I have a tendency to sing (very badly) to people, including folks I barely know. I'm also a fan of birthdays and try to remember everyone on their day.

How do you spend your time, when not on air?
When I'm not working I tend to not listen to much music, or if I do, it's music I don't hear at work. I am an avid reader, love to work in my yard, and spend time with my wife and my animals.

Favorite song of the moment.
Favorite songs of the moment are Yola's "Shady Grove" and EOB's "Shangri-la."


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