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Three childhood buddies -- Seth Green, Matthew Lillard and Dax Shepard -- pay tribute to their dead pal by embarking on quest through the backwoods of Oregon for lost treasure (specifically, D.B. Cooper's stash -- a historical reference surely nobody in this film's preferred under-20 demographic could possibly be aware of). Along the way, director Steve Brill (Little Nicky) employs every comedic cliché he can: crazed hillbillies, overly amorous wildlife, fields of marijuana aflame, horny hippie chicks, male-bonding/gay-bashing, and a faded superstar in a silly cameo role. The often worthy, if silly, talents of the leads are further wasted when Brill breaks Raucous Comedy Rule No. 4 and attempts to graft a meaningful message -- that old chestnut: Be true to your dreams -- onto this unfunny mess.  1.5 cameras

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